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What is a good small dog to get if you have pet allergies?


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2011-01-20 03:51:53
2011-01-20 03:51:53
AnswerIt depends what you are allergic to. Most pet allergies are to the skin cells the animal sheds. In these cases a hairless dog such as the Mexican Hairless might be a good choice. If it is to the shed fur, a woolly coated dog like a poodle or bichon frise would be a good choice as they don't shed, but have to be clipped every so often by a stylist. You might consider visitting a breeder of the animals to see if your allergy comes on. Answera shorthair, least shedding dog there is, a family dog, non distructive when bored or not exercised enough, soft not hairy dog a dog that is good with children,easily house broken, small dog has a great personallity.


terriers, havanese, poodles, and others are hypoallergenic and perfect for allergies. I know because i have a havanese myself

yes , as above it does depend on your allergy . chiawawas are good .. rather short hair . (:


sometimes that is the case.


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Yes, they are good for people with allergies, but sometimes the dog can get dandruff, so give schnauzers a bath every now and then!

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Not at all! Try a poodle If you are allergic to dog hair and pet dander you should not a lab. they shed A LOT!!!

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A chiuhua is a good pet for an apartment, they are small and fun!

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a good pet to get if u hav a dog is another dog so that they can play togetha

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