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AnswerIt depends what you are allergic to. Most pet Allergies are to the skin cells the animal sheds. In these cases a hairless dog such as the Mexican Hairless might be a good choice. If it is to the shed fur, a woolly coated dog like a poodle or bichon frise would be a good choice as they don't shed, but have to be clipped every so often by a stylist. You might consider visitting a breeder of the animals to see if your allergy comes on. Answera shorthair, least shedding dog there is, a family dog, non distructive when bored or not exercised enough, soft not hairy dog a dog that is good with children,easily house broken, small dog has a great personallity.


terriers, havanese, poodles, and others are hypoallergenic and perfect for allergies. I know because i have a havanese myself

yes , as above it does depend on your allergy . chiawawas are good .. rather short hair . (:


sometimes that is the case.

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Q: What is a good small dog to get if you have pet allergies?
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Is a weiner dog a good pet for some one with asthma and allergies?

yes,but it depends what your allergic to

Are schnauzers good for people that have allergies to pet dander?

Yes, they are good for people with allergies, but sometimes the dog can get dandruff, so give schnauzers a bath every now and then!

Is a lab a good dog to have if you have allergies?

Not at all! Try a poodle If you are allergic to dog hair and pet dander you should not a lab. they shed A LOT!!!

What dog is good for apartment?

A chiuhua is a good pet for an apartment, they are small and fun!

What is a good pet if you have a dog?

a good pet to get if u hav a dog is another dog so that they can play togetha

What is the best pet for children with allergies?

Either a fish or a non-shedding hypoallergenic dog/cat.

Are Maltese dogs good for people with Pet allergies?

YES Maltese are AMAZING for people with allergies. I have severe pet allergies and have a maltese--that causes no allergic reactions at all. Maltese are good for those with allergies for two reasons (1) they have hair rather than fur (2) they have no undercoat that most dogs have (which causes them to shed and release dander). If you have allergies a Maltese would be a perfect choice (a poodle, bichon, labradoodle, portuguese water dog, and yorkie are some others) Hope this helps!! :)

What is a good pet to have with a dog?

another dog

Is it good to have a pet shih tzu?

Yes, it is good to have the Shih Tzu dog as a pet.Yes, the dog breed Shih Tzu is good to be kept as a pet.

What is the best shampoo for a dog with allergies?

There are many pet shampoos that treat allergies. You should ask your vet what the best allergy shampoo is to treat your pet's allergy.

Who is the Obama family dog?

Bo is the pet dog know to be belonging to the Obama family the breed is Portuguese water dog which happens to be quite rare. But they are also "hypoallergenic", which was a necessity, as one of the Obama daughters has pet allergies.

Are English springer spaniels good for people with allergies?

I don't think springer spaniels are a good choice for allergy sufferers. They are large dogs that have a lot of hair and they also shed quite a bit of dander. My parents have an English springer spaniel and I get skin allergies sometimes when I pet the dog and she makes my eyes itchy ever once in a while. I own a small rat terrier and have slight allergies to this dog but not to the extent as the springer because she's about 1/5th the size. I think the main concern is if you know you have allergies to dogs it might not be worth the risk to purchase one, especially not a large dog that will give you more dander than a smaller dog. At first I was really sad that I couldn't buy a springer (due to allergies) but the smaller dog has been just as fun, energetic and loving as the springer is.

Which kind of dog is a good small dog?

Hi, I am Lara Steve, I am from US. I am SEO and Web Designer, I also love pets. I believe that pet is our part of family member. I really love them and i care about them. I hope here is your answer

What type of rodent is best for a child with allergies and asthma?

Well if your child has allergies you really shouldn't have a pet of any kind because it will only make it worse i know because my dad has allergies and we had a dog and he did do well around him.

Did Jacques Cartier have a pet?

yes a small dog

Is a dog a good pet for kids?

It depends on what type of dog it is.

Is getting a dog a good choice in Mexico?

Millions of people in Mexico have a pet dog; from small Chihuahuas to large St. Bernard breeds, it is a common choice.

Why is a cat a good pet?

No. A dog is a better and more loyal pet

Is there a cure for pet allergies?

No...just like there isnot a cure for people allergies there isnot a cure for pet allergies. But you can go to the vet to keep this problem to a minimal

Which small household-pet is the best?

a dog is the best kind of pet because they are loveable, and fun to have as a pet

What kind of pet was Jo bros pet coco?

Jonas brothers pet coco was a small,scruffy dog

Does Barack Obama have a pet in the white house?

Yes, his children wanted a pet, so they got a Portuguese water dog, since that breed is a good breed for children with allergies. The dog's name is Bo, and it was a gift from the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

How much and how should I feed my pet dog?

for a small dog 1 cup for a big dog 1 1/2

Are dingo dog a good pet?

Definetly not !

Should a child have a pet?

yes, a small dog is best