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Inflatable Restraint (airbag)

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Q: What is a infl rest light on a 1991 Chevy Caprice?
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What does the infl rest light mean on a 1991 geo storm?

Inflatable Restraint... air bag.

The INFL REST light stays on in your 91 rs Camaro?

The INFL REST light stays on in your 91 rs camaroRead more:The_INFL_REST_light_stays_on_in_your_91_rs_camaro

Will a 1991 geo storm start if the infl rest light is on?

yes it will start. The infl. rest lamp is for inflatable restraint (airbag) the light will normally come on (flash) for 5 seconds or so when the key is put in the run position that's the air bag system doing a self check

Which sensor could it be when a infl reset light is on?

you dont have an airbag

What does infl rest light mean on a 1991 geo storm?

on my Buick, when starting car it means it's checking the airbag inflater. If it stays on somethings wrong with the inflater.

What does the dash light 'infl rest' in a 1990 firebird mean?

Inflatable restraint. Aka, your airbag

1990 corvette theres a light on the instrument panel that says infl rest also the seat belt light is on can you please help?

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What is infl rest light on dash ia a 90 Isuzu impulse?

diagnostic energy reserve module (Derm)

What does INFL reset mean on a 1993 Chevrolet baretta?

The INFL REST light means that there is a problem with the air bag system. A code reader is required to find out the exact fix. Most auto parts stores will read the code for free.

What does it mean when the infl rest light is lite on a 1991 camaro rs?

Inflatable Restraint is a common occurrence. When the light illuminates, a code is stored within the CCM (Central Control Module). The code stored indicates a sensor problem - possibly a faulty sensor ground or faulty sensor or sensors.

Does the infl rest light on a 91 stylus stop the car from starting?

No, however, it does mean the air bags won't work if there is an accident

What does the infl. rest light mean on a 1992 geo metro LSI?

it is the air bag system ,drivers side only, not working

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