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i had that same thing on my explorer, especially in colder months. it was the a ball joint that had busted. basically had no grease and the metal was rubbing against metal making the creaking sound.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-12 16:05:18
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Q: What is causing a creaking sound on a 2003 Jeep sport liberty when turning the steering wheel to the left or right?
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99 grand marquis creaking noise turning steering wheel?

Its your bushings, they need to be replaced. About $200 at a shop.

What can be causing the rubbing squeaking noise when turning the steering wheer 03 santa fe?

check your power steering fluid

What is causing the 99 venture strut noise?

A worn-out strut will begin to make noises. In many cases the strut will make a creaking noise when turning corners.

What is causing the steering of a 1996 toyota camry to go stiff when turning?

The steering wheel in your 1996 may be hard to turn because you are low on power steering fluid. You can add some on your own and your steering wheel will not be hard to turn.

1997 Nissan pickup cluncking in the steering wheel when turning?

first check power steering fluid,if to low then air is inside causing noise or p.s. pump is bad.

1998 ford explorer serpentin belt turning slowley causing battery light to be on power steering gone and overheating belt turning to sloww why?

It's loose. Find the tensioner, and adjust it.

Why does the steering wheel make noises when turning?

If the car is running at idle speed while you are turning, the power steering pump has to push a lot of fluid with little power. If it sounds like a slight creaking, then it's normal. If it is a high-pitched squeal, then the serpentine belt may need to be tightened or replaced. Either way is not that big of a deal. If it is a grinding noise and you can feel a jerking motion as you turn the steering wheel, then you have a serious problem and need to take it into a mechanic.

What causes a metal sound when turning left?

A few things could be causing a grinding sound when turning. It could be a cv axle, ball joint, tie rod end, or bracket pin steering.

What cause the RPM go down and goes up when you turn the stirring wheel on neon 2000?

turning the steering wheel uses pressure from the power steering pump and puts a load on the engine causing it to slow the rpm. Should rise again when you stop turning the wheel. completely normal.

Why does the engine lose power when turning the steering wheel on 1999 Grand Am?

Power steering like all other accessories tax the 'power' of the engine; if there is a problem in the power steering causing excessive load on the engine it will loose power (more so in low horsepower engines).

Why does your steering wheel make a noise when turning it?

power steering fluid not filled?

How do you know your car needs power steering fluid?

Notchy feel when turning the steering wheel Noise from the pump area when wheels are turned Possible stiffness when turning steering wheel.

Why wont key turn in my 206?

Try turning the steering wheel whilst turning the key, most peugeots have a built in steering lock.

1999 Chevy Suburban steering slips when turning to the right at high speeds during cold weather?

I have a 97 suburban and the steering randomly slips causing the truck to jerk the direction it slips because the driver will over correct the movement. The steering will slip to the right majority of the time.

2002 Toyota Tacoma ignition switch sticks.What is causing this. Sometimes it'll turn to start position or it won't. WD 40 does not remedy this.?

Have you tried wiggling the steering column while turning the key? If that helps, you probably need to remove a portion of the plastic cover from your steering column to enable you to lube the column lock. That's the thing that keeps the steering from turning if the key is not turned on. If the column lock jams, it can prevent the key from turning.

Why is my power steering very firm when turning?

check power steering fluid level

What could be causing a grinding or creaking noise when turning the wheel on a 1994 Lincoln Mark viii?

Possibly the CV joint. If the joint's "boot" has split, lubricant will have leaked out and will cause the components inside the joint to grind together. Take the car to your local dealer for a better insight.

Should the steering wheel be in the direction of the a turn when doing the turning maneuver in a vehicle?

Turning to the right, when going forward, you turn the steering wheel towards the right.

Whining noise when turning steering wheel?

A whining noise present when turning the steering wheel indicates a faulty power steering pump. As the pump fails, it allows air to enter the system and a distinct whine.

Honda Accord squeaks when turning?

There are two possibilities when it comes to a squeaking sound when turning. The main reasons are a bad power steering pump, or a steering linkage issue.

Why won't the key turn on my 04 jeep Cherokee?

try turning your steering wheel side to side slowly as your turning key to unlock steering... it's a theftdeterrent

Creaking and shudder from rear of 95 Jeep Cherokee when turning?

Check the oil level in the rear differential, drive shafts could also be bad.

Why would the oil and battery light come on and the steering become very stiff while driving a Plymouth Grand Voyager in a major storm?

water will splash on the belts [power steering, alternator, etc.], causing them to slip, as if greasy, not turning the pulleys. get new belts.

Why won't my keys turn?

try turning your steering wheel hard either way WHILE turning the key, sometimes the steering wheel locking mechanism interferes. you wont be able to turn your steering wheel like your actually turning, just move it and it should let the key turn

What would cause a grinding or scratching sound when turning the steering wheel in a car that doesn't have power steering?

Check out the bearings in the steering column and the knuckles in the steering shaft