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What is in a ac dryer?

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it has desacant bags in it to absorb the moisture. if not properly oiled before the system is evacuated the bags can burst ruining the new dryer if replacing.

That's dessicant, not desacant.

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Where is the ac dryer on Honda Civic?

Where is the ac dryer located at on a 2001 Honda Civic dx

What causes plugging in AC Dryer?

Moisture? Contaminated refrigerant?

Where is dryer ac in ford explorer explorer?

The air conditioner dryer in your Ford Explorer, is located on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The dryer should be labeled.

How can you tell if dryer is plugged on 1997 Dodge Ram AC?

It would freeze up with the ac running.

Where is the AC dryer located on a 1995 Mazda?

The 1995 Mazda air conditioner dryer is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The air conditioner dryer can be found on the passenger side of the firewall.

The stove or electric dryer runs on how many volts?

240 Volts AC.

What type of electric current does a hair dryer use?

Alternating Current (AC).

Where is the AC pressure switch on a 1995 Firebird Formula?

Usually on or near the receiver/dryer.

Where is the low side port located on a 98 Silverado so you can fill the AC with R-134?

coming from the dryer(on firewall) on rail. the one closest to the dryer

When you replace an ac compresser in a truck do you have to replace the filter dryer?

It is usually recommended but not an absolute necessity.

Where is the low pressure side of the ac condenser on a 1998 Cadillac Eldorado?

Look for the accumilator/dryer. (it is a silver looking can)Itis on the low side of the AC system.

Your new AC came with a filter dryer already installed in the unit your installer added another one when hooking up the unit will this hurt anything?

If the new AC installer put in a filter dryer when there was already one installed it is possible that the installer thought it might need two dryer filters. But, there is a caution here if the unit does not actually now have two filter dryers, it could mean that the installer was trying to cheat the home owner. It is also possible that the factory installed filter dryer was not big enough to handle the AC needs of the home owner.

Where is the low side port to recharge the AC located on a 2005 Ford F150 4.6V8?

On the receiver/dryer.

How do you replace an AC reciver dryer on a 2001 Dodge truck?

Remove the freon from the ac system and release the pressure on the 2001 Dodge. Loosen the fittings on the dryer and remove it. Install a new drier, and new o rings. Pull a vacuum on the system then fill with new freon.

Where is the low-pressure port of AC system located?

The AC low pressure port is located on top of the receive/dryer. This can be found on the passenger's side on the firewall.

A clothes dryer uses 5500 w of power when connected to a 220-v ac line how much current does the dryer draw from the line?

5500Watts/220V=25 Amps

What is the best Conair hair dryer available for purchase?

The best Conair hair dryer available for purchase is Conair Pro Silber Bird Hair Dryer, Ceramic 2000 Watt SB307 worth $59.99. It uses a AC turbo motor.

Can you vent a portable AC unit through a wall sleeve?

YES you can! you can even use a dryer vent to the outside.

Where is the low port for recharging the AC system on a 2001 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6?

Look on the accumulator or " dryer"

Where is the Low pressure AC port for 1999 Lincoln Navigator?

It is located on the reciever\dryer by the passenger side firewall.

Where is the ac dryer located in a 2001 Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic was produced from the years 1973 to present in Japan and in the United States. In a 2001 Honda Civic the A/C dryer is located next to the A/C compressor.

Where is ac dryer located on a 2001 Saturn sl1?

If you follow the hoses from the compressor, one will lead to the dryer. One side of the dryer connects to the condenser, so look around it and the radiator. On my '99 SL2, it sits beneath the battery on the driver's side of the engine compartment. Hope this helps a little.

Do Dodge Ram truck AC unit have a filter?

It Has An Orifice Filter & A Filter Dryer, But These Are Not Changed As If You Would An Air Or Oil Filter.

Where is the air conditioner recharge port for a 1999 Ford Expedition?

its on the ac dryer passanger side of the motor near fire wall

Where is the low side charging port for the AC on a 1991 econoline?

I finally found it myself under an electrical connection, on top of the dryer.