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You have to get rid of the in tank fuel pump and either sump the tank or buy an in tank style pickup. Buy a mechanical fuel pump with 6psi or less or get an electrical pump and a regulator. If its got an auto behind it with a TV cable you have to make a bracket for that on the carb. You need a different distributor, something like an HEI. Other than that it just bolts right in. Check out its a great source of info if you need more.

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Q: What is involved in swapping out a 1982 Camaro 350 5.7 throttle body injection for a carbureted 350 5.7?
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Does a 1992 GMC sierra 1500 5.7 liter truck have fuel injection?

yes, yes it does no, its the crappy tbi systems. tbi stands for THROTTLE BODY INJECTION! it has fuel injectors and has to be treated as such. it is not carbureted.

Is a 1996 Geo Metro 3 cylinder carbureted or fuel injected?

It is fuel injected. It may appear to be a carburetor but is in reality a throttle body fuel injection system with one injector.

Does a 1994 wrangler have a throttle body injection?

Yes, the 94 had throttle body injection.

Will a 86 350 heads bolt to 92 350 vortec motor?

They'll bolt up, but they won't properly function. The 86 engine (not motor) would be carbureted, whereas the 92 engine would have Throttle Body Injection.

What is an e throttle?

To be very simple, there is no cable linking the injection/carburator , your gas pedal is control electronically thus replacing the cable usually linking the injection throttle, (e-throttle)

Does the 1989 ram have fuel injection on the 318?

Yes, throttle body injection.

What is throttle body injection?

1 injector

Does 1992 s10 have throttle body or carburetor?

That would be throttle body injection (TBI).

What kind of fuel injection does a 1991 Chevrolet caprice have?

TBI or Throttle Body Injection

Is a 1989 GMC Sierra have a fuel injection?

Yes it does. It has throttle body injection. Jim

What is involved in taking a throttle body 350 and making it carbureted if you have a 1984 Chevy 12T pickup with the TH350 auto trans HEI ignition with a carbureted 350 in it now that is bad?

just about the only thing you have to do is get a intake that is drilled for vortec heads or put a set of pre 87 heads on it. I just did one in a truck and the two center intake bolts on the throttle body motor go in straight and they go in on a angle on the older motor.

What is a Chevy tbi?

tbi is Chevy's abbreviation for Throttle Body Injection. In this type of fuel injection system fuel is squirted into the throttle body above the manifold.

Where is the vacuum in port injection?

With a fuel port injection OR throttle body injection engine, the engine develops a partial vacuum between the throttle assembly and the intake valves. Note that there is never a true vacuum in ANY engine, and when the throttle is wide open, there is very little vacuum.

Does a 1988 S10 2.8 have TBI or direct port injection?

It has TBI / Throttle body injection.

In a fuel injection motor does the throttle body have coolant in it?


Which engine is better EFI or MPFI?

EFI is electronic fuel injectionMPFI is multi port fuel injection.MPFI is a form of EFI so there is no real answer.There is also TBI, throttle body injection.EFI is electronic fuel injectionMPFI is multi port fuel injection.MPFI is a form of EFI so there is no real answer.There is also TBI, throttle body injection.

Where is the fuel injection for a 1992 Chevy 350?

It's typically a "throttle body" injection vehicle. The box that sits on top of the intake manifold is called the throttle body, and the injectors are in there.

Does 1995 Chevy Silverado have fuel injection?

Yes it does. It has TBI / Throttle body injection, Fuel system.

Does 1988 Chevrolet truck with 350 have fuel injection?

Yes, it is Fuel Injected. the throttle body (TBI). TBI = Throttle Body Injection - Looks like a carburetor with a squirt gun pointing down through it. Visit an online parts website ( ,, etc..) that has online parts shopping and enter your vehicle specifics. Once entered, look for "injector" or "fuel injector". A carbureted model will not have these parts and will not be found if all information is entered correctly.

What are the major differences between Throttle body fuel injection port fuel injection systems?

Throttle body injection has one injector located in the throttle body that supplies fuel to the intake manifold. This fuel flows to all cylinders just like it does on a vehicle with a carburetor. Port injection uses tubes with poppet valves from a central injector to spray fuel at each intake port rather than the central throttle body.

What type of fuel injection came on the 1988 gmc jimmy sierra classic 350 v8?

throttle bodythrottle body

Does a 1989 Chevy Caprice have a fuel injection system?

Yes it is a TBI / Throttle Body Injection. Fuel injected.

Is it possible to put fuel injection on a 1985 Chevy S10 blazer?

It already has throttle body fuel injection.

What type of fuel injection system is found on an 1987 Chevy pick up?

Throttle body fuel injection.

Is the 3.9 motor of 1989 Dodge Dakota injection or carburetor?

A 1989 Dakota has throttle body fuel injection.