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What is pka value for paliperidone?

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It is 8.3. Why u want this information

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What is the pka value of Doxofylline?

Doxofylline Pka value is about 9.8.

What is the pka value for potassium phosphate?

The pKa value for Potassium Phosphate is 7.2.

PKa value of diethylmalonate?

It is around pKa=13

What is PKa value of benzyl alcohol?

pKa = 15

What is the pKa value for sodium phosphate?

for H3PO4 pKa = 2.15 for NaH2PO4 pKa = 7.2 for Na2HPO4 pKa = 12.4

What is pKa value for sodium hydroxide?

0.2 is the pKb for sodium Hydroxide not the pKa the pKa is 13.8

How you can select buffer in hplc according to pka value?

By following + or - 2 pH to the pKa value

What is the pka value of ether?

The pka of a protonated ether (the conjugate acid) is about -3.5

What is the pKa value of potassium hydrogen sulphate?

The pKa of HSO4- (the second pKa of H2SO4) is 1.92. The Ka is thus 0.0120

What is pka value for sodium hydride?

The conjugate acid is Hydrogen (H2), the pKa of which is 35.

What is the pKa value of a ceftriaxone?

eftriaxone sodium has pKa values of 3, 3.2, and 4.1.

What is the pka value for clozapine?


What is the pka value of iodine?


What is the pKa value of biphenyl?


Importance of pka value in drug absorption?

if Pka value is more for acidic drug,best side for absorption will be throughout the G.i.Tract.

What is the pka value of betaxolol hcl api?

actual pka of betaxolol is 9.4 but observed is 9.38

What pka value for sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride, NaCl, is not an acid so it does not have a Ka or pKa value. Sodium chloride is a neutral salt.

What is definition of pka value and difference between pH and pKa?

A pKa value is a measurement used for bases and acids. The measurement pH applies to hydronium ion concentrations that are in a solution, whereas pKa only applies to determining the amount of dissociation an acid wants to do in a solution.

What is the pKa value of chloroform?

~13. Evidence: t-butoxide (pKa ~18) can deprotonate it to form dichlorocarbene.

What is the pKa of a weak acid?

A weak acid has a pKa value in the approximate range −2 to 12 in water.

Is there a pKa value for CO2 plus H2O - H2CO3?

pKa = 6.36 of carbonic acid to HCO3-

What is the pKa value for Montelukast sodium?


What is the pKa value of benzoic acid?


What is pKa value of Oxybutynin chloride?


What is the pKa value of naphthalene?

naphthalene is neutral.