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What is it keeps coming out on my computer?


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Apparently - it's a 'price comparison' web-site - it wont work with my browser (I use Google Chrome) - but it appears you tell it what products you're searching for and it goes off looking for prices from different suppliers. It's an 'add-on' so if it keeps appearing on your computer - someone must have installed it.

You should be able to get rid of it by accessing the 'add/remove programs' feature in control panel.

I know this question was asked and answered a while ago but i use chrome too and i NEVER installed anything even remotely close to superfish on any of my computers yet it just keeps showing up. I've tried to remove it (despite never having added it) but nothing comes up to even remove! I'm livid! I love how they have no qualms about totally invading your privacy but yet when it comes to trying to get ahold of them, only their email address is posted on their website. How convenient!

Unfortunately for them, i guess google didn't get the revised memo about not publishing their corporate phone number making it that much more difficult and annoying to tell them to *bleep* off. When you google superfish, under one of the links shows their corporate phone number. OBVIOUSLY, when you click on the link, it takes you right back to's 'Contact Us' page where they no longer provide you with their phone number, only a customer service email address. so without further adieu, it's 650-378-8556. I already tried it and I got their after hours message machine.

Hope this helps. They are based in CA so their on