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Hey Nancy==Simply remove the drain plugs from each side of the block and the bottom of the radiator. CAtch the old coolant and dispose of it properly. Refill the system with 50/50 mix of coolant and water. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-24 11:51:37
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Q: What is the GM approved procedure for draining and filling the entire cooling system radiator and block for a 98 Pontiac Transport?
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Where is a radiator drain plug on a Mitsubishi warror l200?

draining a radiator of a mitsubishi space wagon

How does one flush a radiator?

One flushes a radiator by draining the radiator, rincing the radiator, and then by adding a new coolant. One should remember that the drained coolant is toxic.

Where is the Drain plug radiator 1995 transport?

The drain plug for a radiator on a 1995 transport is located on the underside of the radiator. The plug is held in place with a bolt.

Where do you add coolant after draining the radiator for a 2001 BMW 325ci?

In the top of the radiator but be sure you've put all the pipes back on

How do you remove the radiator on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

The radiator on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer is removed by draining the coolant, disconnecting the radiator hoses, and unbolting the shroud. The retaining bolts are then removed and the radiator is lifted from the vehicle.

What would be the cause of water draining in the radiator without a leak?

blown head gasket

Where to find the radiator drain plug on a Chevrolet Corsica?

The radiator drain plug on a Chevrolet Corsica is the lowest, skinniest hose on the back of the radiator. The radiator cap will have to be removed to allow for fast draining after this hose is removed.

Where is the draining plug on the radiator on a 94 Saturn?

It will be on the very bottom of the radiator either the left or right side. If you do not see a drain plug it might not have one. If it does not have one it requires you to remove the lower radiator hose to drain the radiator.

How do you flush a radiator on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Remove the bottom radiator hose on your 1996 Chevy Lumina radiator. Put a water hose in the top of the radiator. Allow the water hose to run until the water draining from the bottom of the radiator runs clear.

How can you remove and replace the radiator on a 2002 sequoia?

The radiator on a 2002 Toyota Sequoia can be removed and replaced by first draining the coolant. The cooling hoses can then be disconnected, the retaining bolts removed, and the radiator pulled from the vehicle.

What causes your radiator to gurgle after you turn it off?

coolant draining back into resivoir or possible air pocket

How do you remove the radiator off a 1998 Lincoln continental?

You would remove it from underneath. There is a cross member which holds the bottom of the radiator and you remove this, after unhooking all the lines (trans coolant and engine coolant) and draining the radiator.

Draining radiator on 1995 cavalier?

* With the engine cold remove the radiator cap * Move a large container under to catch the coolant as you drain it * Drain the radiator by opening the drain plug at the bottom on the left side

Where is the radiator drain plug located on a 1998 Dodge Caravan and is it actually on the radiator?

The drain plug is located on the lower part of the radiator on the drivers side. It is a plastic wing nut style that faces the driver. You'll have to lie on the ground with your head in front of the drivers side front wheel to see it. It is difficult to turn for draining, and to tighten when finished draining. I recommend pulling off a hose to drain the radiator instead.

How do flush radiator in 1999 cougar?

The radiator on a 1999 Mercury Cougar is flushed by draining the radiator, filling it with water, and adding a commercially available radiator flush. The engine is allowed to circulate for 10 minutes, drained, flushed with fresh water, and refilled with coolant.

Where exactly is the thermostat located on a 2001 cadillac sls?

The thermostat on a 2001 Cadillac SLS is located in the radiator. To access it, remove the upper hose assembly after draining the radiator halfway.

What would be draining red fluid below radiator?

Most likely it's automatic transmission fluid, check to two metal lines going into the bottom of the radiator to confirm this.

What is the first step taken when removing the cylinder head?

Probably draining the radiator. Unhook the negative battery cable.

How do you replace a thermostat in a 2000 dodge neon?

Drain the radiator. Remove the radiator hose. Remove the inlet from the engine. The thermostat is in the inlet. Replace the inlet and the gasket, and reverse the procedure to finish the procedure.

How do you do a radiator flush on a 1995 Saturn?

The radiator on a 1995 Saturn is flushed by draining the coolant, refilling the engine with water, and adding a flush. It is allowed to circulate and drain before refilling with coolant.

Where is the Petcock for 2002 blazer?

Is this a Tralblazer with a 4.2L engine. Your vehicle may not be so equipped. If that is the case, factory service information recommends draining the radiator by disconnecting the lower radiator hose.

How long to change out the radiator on a 2005 town and country mini van?

I had mine changed out in an hour, that includes draining the fluids.

How do you change a thermostat on a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

The thermostat on a 2005 Chevy Equinox is changed by draining the radiator, removing the upper radiator hose, and unbolting the radiator housing. The old thermostat can then be removed, a new gasket installed, and the housing bolted down.

How to flush a Toyota previa radiator?

To flush a Toyota Previa radiator, first drain the antifreeze in the radiator into a bucket. This is done by turning the valve at the bottom of the radiator. Close the valve and add a radiator flush product purchased at an automotive parts store. Follow the directions on the bottle of flush. This usually means running the vehicle for a certain amount of time and then draining the radiator again.

What precautions sholud be taken to prevent any damage to property when carrying an old radiator through a house?

Draining it for one thing