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What is the War Powers Act?

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It is an act of congress passed after the Vietnam War, over President Nixon's veto, and of dubious constitutionality, which seeks to define and limit the powers of the president of the United States to command the armed forces. The most important provision is that if the U.S. armed forces go into combat the president must get a resolution from congress authorizing the mission. If the resolution is not passed then the forces must be withdrawn from the combat within sixty days. Since it was passed no president has ever acknowledged its validity but, nonetheless, have complied with it.

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What did the War Powers Act do?

It restricted the President's war-making powers.

Why was the war powers act important?

The War Powers Act or War Power Resolution was the first law passed intending to define and limit the powers the President of the United States possessed.

When was the War Powers Act invoked?

the war power act was passed in 1973 after the Vietnam War

What act of Congress limited the President's ability to wage war?

The War Powers Act

What led to the War Powers Act being repealed?

The War Powers Act of 1941 was never repealed. It was followed up by the War Powers Act of 1943 and then limited by the War Powers Resolution of 1973. Should it be repealed? Yes. It clearly contradicts the text of the constitution that states that it is Congress' responsibility to enter hostilities.

Did the president and Congress act in accordance with the constitution and the War Powers Act for the Vietnam war?


What act that allows the president to use the military power without a war?

The war powers act.

What act passed in 1973 restricted the presidents powers to use troops in foreign conflicts?

War Powers Act

What war probuly influenced the creation of the war powers act?

Vietnam War

What requires the president to notify congress when sending military forces into battle?

either impoundment, separation of powers, war powers act, or the supreme court. PICK ONE! war powers act

What act did curb presidential military muscle?

War Powers Act Yoloswag

What was the effect of the war powers act?

The War Powers Act was created in 1973 and limited the president's capabilities to declare war. The effects of this act provided Congress with the ability to create limitations on the amount of time that troops could be in a war zone without their approval.

What did Congress pass to stop the growth of the imperial presidency and restrict the President's war making powers?

War Powers Act

What does the War Powers Act have to do with Grenada?

It was act restricting the presidents power to use the military

The War Powers Act was primarily intended to what?

limit the president

What is the emergency war powers act of 1973?

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What president vetoed the war powers act?

Richard Nixon

Is there a constitutional basis for the refusal of the war powers act?


What presidents have violated the War Powers Act?

Probably all of them.

What did the War Powers Act of 1941 do?

The War Powers Act of 1941 was also know as the "First War Powers Act" it was basically a emergency law that increased the American Federal Power During WW2. The President that signed it was "U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt" and it was put into law by December 18, 1941.

Why did the congress pass the War Powers Act?

to limit the presidents authority to wage war

What does the war powers act allow congress to do?

Allows congress to officaly declair war.

What does the war powers act require?

It requires the president to go to congress to declare war.

The president's power to send in troops to a foreign nation was limited by what Act?

War Powers Act

What act requires the president to notify congress when committing military forces?

War Powers Act