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What is the anti-theft code for a Honda Civic 2500 car stereo?


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2005-11-04 04:00:05
2005-11-04 04:00:05

You must get the serial # off the back of the radio and the dealer can provide the code with this #. Look in your owners manual and you may find the code written down somewhere. No one can tell you the code as they are different on different cars. Before you go ripping the stereo out to find the serial # on the back, call the dealership where you first purchased the vehicle. (Or where it was first sold.) Their service department may be able to look up the serial # and radio code based on your VIN. Handy Tip: After running back to my dealer 2-3 times for the code, I just added my radio code into my cell phone as a speed dial for "radio." I figure my cell phone is more likely to be on me when my battery dies than the nifty wallet card that Honda gave me.


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