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What is the approximate cost of the Power Control Module PCM for a 95 Intrepid?

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October 20, 2011 4:58PM

I have heard new modules can run in the hundreds. I typically go to a junk yard and find a car that has taken some physical damage (preferably rear end damage) and pull one out of there. $20 from my local junkyard near St. Louis. If you pull yours, get the part number off of it so you can compare. Also, google it to see if any other cars made during that time frame also used the same PCM. It could give you a much greater variety of vehicles to pull one out of. Goog luck!


I have a 2001 Intrepid and I was told by the dealer that this replacement would run about $700. The problem with the PCM (Power Control Module) is that it has to be programed to your car for it to work. Even if you buy one some where else, you will have to have someone who has the correct software, program it to your VIN number and current mileage. I found a place online ( where you can order the part for about $250 and give them your VIN, etc. and they will program the part before it is shipped to you. When you replace it, you can send them back the old one and then they will provide a lifetime warranty on the one you bought.