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* Buy online used cars from Auto Auctions. The best thing about having the internet is that everything is just accessible. There are a lot of great site for cars out there but of course, you would want to be browsing a site that is targeting your area or your country. You can also take advantage of this car sites and use their cars classifieds to check out what would be the car that is best for your lifestyle and your budget.

* Your local papers are a good place to start, many areas have specific magazines devoted just to car listings. You can check out eBay and Craigslist to see what's being offered online, but make sure to run any numbers through other sites to get the value of a car before you buy it. Also take it to a mechanic to make sure it's in good condition.

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Q: What is the best site to find used cars from private sellers?
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Where can I buy used cars for under $1000 in Wisconsin?

The best place to find used cars for under $1000 is from private sellers. Check or the local classified ads.

Where can I find some cheap cars for sale?

The best place to go when your buying a new or used car is They have great deals from dealers and private sellers. You can search for whatever car you want that are around your region.

Where can I find a dealer that will sell me cheap unique cars?

Check for private sellers on or on Some specific sites worth looking into include or

Where can one find a Kia dealer in Cape Breton?

For used cars there are websites such as Autotrader which contains listings by private sellers and also trade sellers, however if one needed to find a Kia dealership in Cape Breton, then an example would be Macdonald Auto Group in Sydney. This was the first dealership in the area to sell Japanese cars.

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What are some of the best online used cars classifieds?

The AutoTrader website is the most popular website for private party vehicles. It provides a huge selection of used car classifieds. Simply click find cars for sale in the top left corner of the site and enter some information along with if you would rather buy from dealers, private sellers, or both.

Where would one find a hummer for sale?

Hummers can be purchased from used car dealerships and private sellers. private sellers will advertise on Gumtree, in Autotrader and in local newspapers. Dealerships may also list their cars in these places, as well as on their own websites. If you visit the dealership in person you would also be able to view any Hummers they had for sale.

Where is a good place online besides places like craigslist and ebay to buy a used car?

To find a used car online, go to and find the ones that you like. You can choose your search radius and find cars from private sellers as well as dealerships.

Where can you buy used Acura cars?

Most car dealerships offer both new and used cars so so you need to find out which ones carry Acura. Some of them even hook up buyers and sellers. Online, you can find several web sites for used cars. Another option would be to find direct owners/sellers thru ads.

Where could one find lists of past years New York Times best sellers?

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Where can one find Clasic Cars online?

There's a web address called cars-on-line. This company specialises in selling of classic cars. This is one of the top notch sellers of classic cars online.

Where can you find reliable quotes on used cars?

Kelly Blue Book is a great place to find quotes on used cars. You can put in exactly what kind of car you're looking for a see what the price would be from Kelly Blue Book value. Private sellers should be selling only slightly higher than this price.

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