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Honestly, a 1/2 in. impact wrench, with the impact socket that fits the nut. Could be a 28mm,30mm,32mm... or so. Use a torque wrench to install the new nut--over tightening can lead to bearing damage. Don't forget to punch the notch in on the nut to lock it in place. Use a new nut if possible. There's only about 90 lb-ft of torque on one of these nuts, so a socket on an 18" breaker bar works fine.

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Q: What is the best tool to use to remove the CV axle nut?
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When you remove the nut from the axle and put the peg on are you then supposed to put the nut on the axle when the peg is put on and if so what tool would you use to tighten the nut back up when its?

a socket wrench and an extender.

How do you remove the rotors on a 2003 F350 4x4 dually?

remove wheel remove brake caliper remove locking hubs special tool required to remove axle nut

How do you remove the rear wheel rotors of a 2001 F250?

remove axle first. then u can access the nut that hols the hub to the axle housing, you will need a special socket to remove this nut

What size is axle nut on a 1996 Pontiac sunfire?

this should be easy to find but it isn't don't know why ! people that right on forums are to stupid to include ........ " remove the axle nut" correction = remove the axle nut using a 29mm socket! how hard was that !!!!!!! 29mm is what you need for that nut !

How to remove front wheel hub on 2001 mercury marquis The axle nut has a retainer that you can't remove?

The axle nut looks like it has a retainer on it but it's just a part of the nut! put a wrench on it and turn it off!

How do you remove front axle on polaris ranger?

Jack up and remove tires. Remove axle cotter key and nut. Remove ball joint cotter key and nut. Drop lower control arm and pull axle from spindle. To do this put castellated ball joint nut on backward and flush to protect threads. Strike balljoint nut with deadblow hammer while prying lower control arm loose. Sharply pull axle shaft from differential. 700XP owner, axle repair wizard.

How do you replace wheel bearing assembly on 98 Malibu?

After you remove the wheel, remove the caliper and caliper mounting bracket. There is a nut on the end of the axle shaft. Remove the nut. There are three bolts on the back of the steering knuckle that hold on the wheel bearing. Remove these bolts. Then with a punch or chisel and hammer, strike the axle shaft until the old bearing comes out. Reverse procedure to install. Don nut re-use the axle shaft nut. Do not under- or over-tighten the axle shaft nut. Torque for the nut is 180 ft lbs.

How do you replace cv axle on 1992 cabriolet?

remove axle nut in center of wheel with a 32 milimeter socket.then jack up that side of car.use a jack stand under car for safety.there are six bolts holding the axle to the will need a number 8 starhead tool to remove these.they can be found at any auto parts store,just tell them what you are doing.use the tool to remove the bolts.drop the axle ,pull it out of the wheel may have to remove a wheel to allow room to do this,depending on which side you are replacing.reverse the procedure to install new axle.

How do you remove the rear axle on a 2000 Polaris Trail Boss?

unscrew big nut on left side remove retaining ring from axle slide out axle be shure to remove wheel hubs first

How do you remove rotor from 2004 ford f-250 four wheel drive?

front or rear rotor? jack up wheel that needs rotor removed. remove wheel remove brake pads and caliper for back axle, remove axle nut. u will need special socket to remove this nut slide rotor off axle, making sure u dont drop bearings on the ground to remove front rotor on4x4, it is pretty much the same as rear , except you will have to remove locking hub from axle before you can remove axle nut.

How do you replace a drive shaft in a 1991 Honda accord?

loosen the axle nut loosen the lug nuts raise the front remove the wheels drain the trans fluid release the ball joint nut, but don't remove it strike the lower control arm perpendicular to the ball joint stud to release it pull the wheel assembly far enough out from the car to clear the axle using a pry bar, remove the stub axle from the transmission install the new axle into the transmission insert the axle into the wheel assembly assemble the ball joint tighten the axle nut best you can replace the wheel drop the car tighten the lug nuts tighten the axle nut hammer the flange of the nut into the groove of the axle replace the wheel center cap refill with trans fluid check for leaks or loose parts

How do you remove axle from 96 dodge neon?

remove wheel, disconnect tie rod end, separate lower ball joint from control arm, remove axle nut, slide hub off axle, pull axle from transaxle housing

How do you change the CV Axle on a VW Passat?

purchase vw tool for removing special bolts the hold inner joint to flange, jack up car, remove wheel, unbolt lower ball joint, remove tie rod nut, separate tie rod from steering knuckle, remove axle nut, pry lower control arm down and pry steering knuckle away from car, unbolt inner joint from flange and remove axle, be careful not to damage abs sensor wire,

Do you have to remove large nut in middle of axle to remove rotor on 2001 jeep wrangler?

no no no you do not need to remove your castle nut if the rotor will not come off you need to beat it tell it dose

How do you change the CV joint on the front drivers side axle on a 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity?

Jack and secure vehicle. Remove tie rod nut and separate of knuckle. Remove axle nut and strut bolts. Use pry bar to remove inner CV joint from trans. Pull CV axle from vehicle.

How do you remove rear brake drum 0n 1997 gmc?

Is it heavy duty model with axle bolts? If so, Remove axle bolts Slide axle out of differential housing use spanner wrench to loosen spanner nut (or hammer and chisel) Remove spanner nut and seal Drum should slide off

Do you have to remove the axle nut to replace the lower control arm?

On most cars its possible to remove the lower control arm without removing the axle nut. however sometimes the nut on the ball joint stud wont come off because the axle is in the way. If that happens try loosening the nut as far as you can then pop the ball joint loose. When it drops it will allow you to finish removing the nut. Good luck Tomtv

What is the axle nut size for a 2000 tiburon?

The axle nut on a 2000 Tiburon is 32 mm. These nuts are incredibly hard to remove and is usually easier to use an impact gun to loosen it.

How do you remove the rear axle from a 1995 Yamaha Timber wolf?

remove the axle nut on the side with the brake hub...and pull threw the other side....very simple

How do you remove cv joint on 2003 buick regal?

Easy enough. jack up front end and support remove wheel remove brake caliper and pads and caliper bracket remove rotor, bang/pry off if necessary loosen axle nut, flush to end of axle remove the tie rod end that sits in the spindle(don't touch the jam nut on rack side) swing tie rod/rack arm aside tap end of axle bolt to loosen axle in housing remove axle nut and swing/push spindle to one side while pulling axle out the other installation is the reverse

What size socket to remove axle nut on front gmc sierra 4x4?


Do motorcycles have lug nuts?

I will answer this question based on the many dirt bike tires in which I have changed. When I remove the wheel, there is a nut on one side of the bike which needs to be removed; after removing the nut, the axle will slide out the opposite side of the machine from the nut. I usually refer to this nut as an axle nut rather than a lug nut.

How to Changing rear sprocket on polaris 400 xplorer?

Place a support under the rear swingarm. Remove the right rear wheel and tire assembly. Then remove the dust cover from the end of the axle. This will exposes the end of the axle, with a castle nut and cotter pin. Push the cotter pin out of the castle nut. Remove the nut from the end of the axle. After removing the nut, gently tap on the rear of the spindle, until it slides off of the axle. Then remove the three bolts securing the chain guard to the sprocket. To loosen the chain, you will either have to remove the master link, or adjust it to a looser setting. Remove the chain after loosening it. Three more bolts hold the sprocket in place on the hub assembly. Remove them, and slide it off of the axle.

Dodge ram 95 4x4 front axle is it possible to remove the axle shaft with out removing the axle nut?

You can take the hub and shaft out at the same time with out removing the nut. just remove the wheel bearing hub assembly bolts (should be three) and then pull the hub assembly out, they will stay together.

How to remove front rotors on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

On 2005 and up you will need to remove the axle nut to pull the rotor.