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we just did this at 132000 miles.they should be pressed out (and new ones back in) but found, after getting a quote to have the work done at a shop (nearly 900.00!)that we purchased the parts AND a press to do it ourselves still saving 450.00 after all was said & done! took my husband and son about three hours with the added bonus of having added a press to their tool collection! time is money, we are well aware as we are trades people, and this was a deal no matter how you slice it!

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โˆ™ 2007-04-23 00:20:00
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Q: What is the best way to get ball joints out of control arm on 2002 mountaineer?
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How can you change the ball joints on a 1997 mountaineer?

need video on how to put upper ball joints in a 97 merc mountinare

Are the ball joints on the lower control arms on a 2000 ford explorer xls 4x2 replaceable or do you need to replace the whole lower control arm?

You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

How do you change upper and lower ball joints 96 cirrus?

You change the control arms, upper and lower. The ball joints are manufactured into the control arms.

Can i replace Ball joints on Lincoln continental 2002?

yes i can

How do you change ball joints for a 99 Mazda B3000?

The lower ball joints have to be pressed out. The upper ball joints are part of the control arm, so the complete upper assembly has to be replaced.

Can ball joints be tighten or be replaced on a 2002 Chevy Venture?

ball joints cannot be tightened. if they re worn and have play in them, they need to be replaced

Does the 2000 ford ranger control arm and ball joints come together?

I believe on the 4 x 4 , with the torsion bar suspension , the upper ball joints are part of the control arm and the lower ball joints can be replaced separately or with a new control arm The 2 wheel drive , with the coil spring front suspension , the upper and lower ball joints can be replaced separately

Where are the ball joints located on a 2001 Ford Escape?

Each tire has two ball joints. If they break you will lose control of the steering and crash.

Where can you buy a couple of front lower control arm bushings of 2002 Daewoo Nubira? sells new lower control arms w/ball joints for $67 for the pair!!!

How to Replace ball joints on 2005 Malibu?


How do you replace ball joints on 2004 2WD Ranger?

To replace ball joints on a 2004 2WD Ranger, lift the upper control arm of the spindle assembly and remove the nut holding the lower ball joint in place. Then lower the lower control arm to relieve the ball joints. Replace with new.Ê

Where are ball joints located on 93 ford escort?

The ball joints connect the hub to the control arm. They are the load carrying part for the weight on the vehicle.

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