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What is the bolt pattern and tourqe for a 97 Passat head?

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September 02, 2005 7:08AM

There are a lot of service bulletins on this Russian site. Your engine will probably be here. Before you start your language classes many of these service bulletins (pdf) are in English or German. Even if your language skills are at my level (non-existant) there are usually plenty of exploded views and you can still read specification figures, like torques. (Sorry, these will be in Newton metres, so you will need a conversion factor) Enjoy! Hi, Just another item to be aware of when working on modern VWs. You must replace the head bolts as they are torqued to the yield point. In my terms that means the bolt has actually stretched! Another reader might like to give us a more scientific answer but anyway it means don't reuse the old bolts! Good luck with your rebuild.