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the only button I know by the shifter is the for economy setting and power setting..from what I understand it changes the parameters in the computer control module to give the car more power and pep on the power setting or on economy setting it changes them to where the engine runs more efficiently. there is also a button that is usually on the dash near the shifter that controls the traction control if your car is equiped with that option, but that is usually on the dash,but I have seen them next to the shifter...if it is that button when you engage it you will get a light on the instrament panel showing traction control engaged. Turbo button when used drops the trany shifts into a lower gear to allow for quicker speed pickup time. but be careful not to over RPM the motor. keep a close eye on the RMP gauge. Turbo button when used drops the trany shifts into a lower gear to allow for quicker speed pickup time. but be careful not to over RPM the motor. keep a close eye on the RMP gauge.

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Q: What is the button by the shifter of a automatic SC1 for?
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How do you replace the shifter button on a 1996 Chevy Corvette automatic transmission?

== ==

What is the button on the panel of the automatic transmission of a 1996 tercel supposed to do?

If you are refering to the button on the side of the shifter then it is the overdrive on / off button.Toyo joe

What is the button on the left side of the gear shifter in a 2000 Chevy Tracker?

well,if it's an automatic,then it's probably an overdrive on/off button.

Why does the power light come on in a 2000 daewoo nubira automatic?

there is a power button on your shifter for extra power

What causes your 1992 ford tempo automatic shifter to get stuck in park?

If you are unable to press in the button to move the shifter. Replaces the brake switch connected to the brake pedal.

How do you get your Kia Spectra out of park?

put your foot on the brake push in the button the button in an the shifter and move it back to reverse or drive that's for an automatic anyway

What does the little red button on the base of the automatic gear shifter of a Toyota Echo do?

That would be the OVERDRIVE selector switch.

How do you remove the shifter knob on a 1993 corvette automatic?

Remove shift release button off the top of the shifter, inside there is a small snap ring. Remove the snap ring and lift the shifter knob off.

What is the button next to the automatic shifter on the 88 Honda Prelude for?

if it has a S on it, it is like sport mode it keeps you in a lower gear

What does the S gear on an Audi Automatic Gear shifter?

It is the eject passenger button, do not push it unless you really dislike the passenger in the car with you

Oldsmobile Hurst lighting rod floor shifter what is that?

Automatic Floor Shifter - 25 results like the 6423 Shifter Automatic, B & M 81011 Street Rod Shifter Auto Trans Shifter Kits, 3160009 Quarter Stick Shifter ...

How do you remove the automatic shifter cable from a 1997 GMC Sierra 1500?

How do you remove the automatic shifter cablein a 1997 GMC sierra 1500

Where is the ets switch located?

the ets button should be locater right on the side of the shifter. i know for a fact on a 97 2.2L sunfire automatic tranny.

Where is the overdrive button on your shifter on a 1989 Nissan 240SX?

on the shifter the left hand side just under the shift button.

How do you get shift nob off the shitfter 1989 Honda accord?

If you have amanual transmission You have to push down on the plastic ring above the shifter boot. after you push down the ring, Now you can unscrew the shifter knob. IF you have a automatic transmission you have to remove the screw on the side of the shifter knob. (Be careful the button on the shifter knob is spring loaded)

What is the s light on the dashboard of the Vauxhall Astra automatic?

The [S] on the dash of an automatic vauxhall comes on when you press the [S] button beside the gear shifter, it alters the gear and differential settings for slippery conditions such as snow?

Do automatic camaro have the sgs button?

My Camero is an automatic and it has an SGS button.

How to get stuck automatic shifter into drive on car?

Perhaps your brake interlock isn't working. That's the deveice that releases the shifter when you depress the brake. Most cars have a manual override. You probably will remove a cover and press a button with a pen or screwdriver. It should be near the shifter. Check your owner's manual for details.

How do you remove a shifter on a civic?

Automatic or manual trans?

Why you can't push the button in on the shifter of a 1996 Monte Carlo?

To be able to press the button on the shifter to remove your car from park you must press the break in.

1999 Saturn sc1 will not catch gears is a 5 speed?

same thing happened to me ---all it was -was worn shifter cables underneath the shifter console---tighten em up or buy two new ones---

How do you disable the overdrive gear in a 1995 Mercury Cougar?

There is a small button on the shifter knob just below the large button that you press to change shifter positons.

Why is the shifter stuck on 1995 Geo Metro?

automatic or manual?

Why would the shifter in an automatic 93 Subaru Impreza not release to go into gear?

I have had the same problem with my '93 Impreza. The button on the automatic shifter will not depress to take it out of park. There is an override option in the owner's manual but I think the real problem is the brake light sensor. Ocassionaly, when I can actually get it out of park, you can hear a clicking noise when the brake petal is pressed, this is the shifter-lock releasing. It must be the sensor for the brake petal going bad.

How do you remove the shifter knob from a 1976 firebird?

carefully pop out the shifter button then remove the snap ring