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The chemical bond between chlorine and hydrogen is polar covalent.

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Which chemical bond in the molecule of chloromethane is more polar the carbon-chlorine or carbon-hydrogen bond?

The chemical bond between carbon-chlorine has an electronegativity difference of 0.61. The bond between carbon-hydrogen has a difference of 0.35, thus is less polar than the carbon-chlorine bond.

What occurs when an atom of chlorine and an atom of hydrogen become a molecule of hydrogen chloride?

A chemical bond is formed between the Hydrogen and Chlorine, and energy is then released as a result.

What is the nature of the bond between sodium and chlorine in salt?

The chemical bond between sodium and chlorine is ionic

Does hydrogen have a chemical bond?

Hydrogen atom doesnt have a chemical bond but dihydrogen molecule has a sigma bond between the two hydrogen atoms

What chemical bond formed between two identical atoms in called?

a covalent bond. diatomics include hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, fluorine, iodine, nitrogen.

What type of bonding is Hydrogen and Chlorine have?

Covalent bond between hydrogen and chlorine as the electronegativity difference between the two atoms is below 1.7

What type of bond is hydrogen?

A hydrogen bond is a very strong dipole-dipole bond. A hydrogen bond can only form between hydrogen and a strong electromagnetic atom; fluorine, oxygen or chlorine.

What kind of bond can chlorine atom form?

Chlorine can form both ionic and covalent bonds. For example:-NaCl- Here bond between chlorine and Sodium is ionic.HCl- Here bond between Hydrogen and Chlorine is covalent.

Is hydrogen chloride polar?

Hydrogen chloride has a polar bond between hydrogen and chlorine. They have different values for electronegativity and form a polar covalent bond.

What kind of bond do hydrogen and clorine make?

Though they dissociate into ions in an aqueous solution, a bond between hydrogen and chlorine is covalent.

Explain how a chemical bond forms between potassium and chlorine?

Potassium and Chlorine form ionic bond. Potassium loses the electron and the chlorine atom takes it

Is hydrogen a chemical bond?

Hydrogen itself is a chemical element, not a bond. If you are asking about hydrogen bonds then the answer is no. Hydrogen bonding is an intermolecular force of attraction, not a chemical bond.

What are hydrogen bonds in H2O?

A chemical bond formed between hydrogen and oxygen is called hydrogen bond. It is denoted by dotted lines (....).

What type of chemical bond does hydrogen gas have?

hydrogen gas is H2 and the bond between the H atoms is covalent.

What type of bond is formed between hydrogen and chlorine atoms?

It is a covalent bond. In pure form hydrogen chloride exist as distinct HCl molecules..

What kind of bond is formed between hydrogen and chlorine atoms?

Hydrogen chloride is covalently bonded. The molecule is polar.

What is the covalent bond of hydrogen and chlorine?

Hydrogen chloride, HCl, has a polar covalent bond

Give the name of compound in which Chlorine forms hydrogen bond?

Chlorine cannot form a hydrogen bond only Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Flourine can

Do hydrogen and chlorine form a covalent bond?

That's right, hydrogen and chlorine, which combine to form hydrochloric acid, form a covalent bond.

What is the Chemical bonds between carbon and hydrogen?

The bond between carbon and hydrogen is covalent, in which carbon and hydrogen share a pair of electrons.

Why Cl2 has a nonpolar covalent bond while HCl has a polar covalent bond?

Their is no electronegativity difference between two atoms of chlorine, but there is a big enough difference between chlorine and hydrogen to have the electron of hydrogen spend more time in the orbital of chlorine than in the hydrogen orbital, thus this molecule is slightly charged on either end (+/-) and therefore polar covalent.

What chemical compound has the weakest chemical bond?

Hydrogen bond is very weakest chemical bond in chemistry.

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