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Physical fitness is good bodily health, and is the result of regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and proper rest for physical recovery.

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Q: What is the definition of fitness?
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What the definition of fitness?

To be active and healthy.

What is Darwin's definition of fitness?

Fitness is a combination of physical traits and behaviors that help an organism survive and reproduce in its environment. (Biology textbook definition)

What are physical fitness test to be used and its components being tested?

physical fitness test definition &its porpose

Parameter of physical fitness and its definition?

Physical fitness is having a healthy body and getting regular exercise.

Definition of components in Philippines physical fitness and sports talent test?

What is Philippine's physical fitness test (PPFT)

What is the definition of ppft?

IT IS Partial Physical Fitness Test bryanpogi

What is the scientific definition of animal fitness?

It is the ability of an organism to reproduce.

how do I achive Super Fitness?

To achieve Super Fitness would depend on your definition of Super Fitness. Each individual should set a workout goal before they begin working out.

What are the difinetion of fitness and their meaning?

I presume you mean "the definition of fitness and its meaning". if you do, then you do not need "and its meaning". The condition of being physically fit and healthy.

What is the GCSE definition of fitness?

Yeah, what Paddy manz is getting vexed init

What is the definition of Optimal Physical Fitness?

Optimal Physical Fitness is the condition resulting from a lifestyle that leads to an optimal level of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and fleibility as well as the achievement and maintenance of ideal body weight.

What is the correct definition of women s Fitness?

The definition of Fitness for women will depend upon age and many other personal circumstances. Body Mass Index (BMI) provides a good basic guide - though is inaccurate for strong and muscly women.