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What is the difference between methyl and methylene?

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A methyl group consists of CH3 a methylene group is CH2

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The "methyl" and "methylene" come from their chemical structures. Something that has "methyl" in its name contains a methyl group - CH3. A common chemical like this is methyl alcohol - CH3OH. The methylene group is CH2. The blue and violet? That's what color they are.

Methyl Chloride is slightly polar.

The electron withdrawl from a proton by a neighbouring electronegative atom causes desheilding of proton. For eg. CH3CH2Cl Two signals are obtained For methyl and methylene protons. methyl protons are deshielded because it has a neighbouring electronegative methylene protons.while the methylene protons are shielded by chlorine atom. so the shielded methylene protons absorbs in down field.methyl protons- up field

Methylene chloride can be made simply by treating equal parts by weight of either methyl chloride or methane with chlorine gas at 400-500 °C

Methyl alcohol is CH3OH. Ethyl alcohol is C2H5OH. Methyl alcohol is much more toxic than ethyl alcohol. It is more corrosive.

Butane has higher melting and boiling points.

commonly used indicators (in titration experiments) are methyl orange, methylene blue, phenolphthalein, litmus and thymol blue (and also methyl red).

methyl alcohol has the formula CH3COOH but ethyl alcohol has the formula C2H5OH .Methyl alcohol is the first alcohol in the homologous series,and ethyl alcohol is the 2nd.methyl alcohol is called methanol, ethyl alcohol is called ethanol.

Methylene blue and methyl orange will have different binding affinities with the column material, and thus one will pass through the column more slowly than the other. This will result in one of the compounds being eluted from he column before the other. The one with the weakest binding to the column will be eluted first.

Methenyl is a hypothetical hydrocarbon radical CH, regarded as an essential residue of certain organic compounds while Methylene is a chemical species in which a carbon atom is bonded to two hydrogen atoms.

i think the methylene blue will be make aqua blue because the charcoal will penerate the color of methylene blue,,,there are absorption process,,,in the charoal between the methylene blue.... (kharlz)

First we have to know the difference between methyl and ethyl and alcohol groups: A methyl group chemical formula is CH3- , of an ethyl group it is C2H5- , and alcohol group means the group contains -OH So methyl alcohol is methanol, CH3OH, and ethyl alcohol is ethanol, CH3CH2OH. Hope that helps.

The ISO heet contains isopropyl alcohol and the other contains methyl alcohol

The solubility difference between methyl alcohol (CH3OH) and benzene (C6H6) is related to the polar nature of methyl alcohol and the non polar nature of benzene. The OH group on methyl alcohol makes this a polar molecule and thus soluble in water. The lack of such a polar group in benzene makes it non polar, and thus insoluble in water.

the difference is the addition of wintergreen oil or methyl salicylate to the clear version. It can be used to rub on sore muscles, etc.

They would form some sort of brominated hydrocarbon of which there many varieties. The simplest among them are methyl bromide (CH3Br), methylene bromide (CH3Br2), and bromoform (CHBr3)

One side methyl group- otherwise virtually identical identical- formula is the same. I bet the properties are very close. That methyl group in isopropyl hexadeconoate probably has a bit more effect on the oxyl main chain than if it was far away- probably slightly more acidic.

NO, hydroxyl group is more polar than methyl group due to the electronegativity difference between atoms in a bond, the more polar the bond. Partial negative charges are found on the most electronegative atoms

NMR is nuclear magnetic is based for chemical shift.It is used for organic compound is TMS(Tetra Methyl Silane)

Poly(methyl methacrylate) or PMMA is commonly reffered to as acrylic or acrylic glass. So generally, they're the same thing.

The updated names of these substances are epinephrine and norepinephrine. The difference between the two is a methyl group - CH3 - [ possessed by epinephrine ] - in its side chain. These substances are hormones that are produced in, and secreted by, the adrenal medulla, and regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

Cellulose has 3 hydroxyl (OH) groups on each glucose unit. Methyl cellulose replaces these hydroxyl groups with methoxy (OCH3) groups. Therefore it follows that these groups are now replaced with ethoxy groups or (OCH2CH3) groups.

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