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What is the firing order for a 1998 Geo Tracker 1.6L?


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2005-12-29 17:16:25
2005-12-29 17:16:25

1/3/4/2 the distibuter rotates counter clockwise here is a web site showing a picture of the previous answer: http://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-6013.htm


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Under to black rubber caps on the very top of the engine. Remove the black caps and the plugs are reset about 4 inches down.

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A person can get a wire diagram for this car in its maintenance or repair manual. A diagram may also be obtained from an auto part store, if the local one will print the diagram.

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There is a hole in the sprocket that has to line up with a notch in the front bearing cap. This will be TDC. I just hope you had it on compression stroke when you took it off. Otherwise it'll be 180 degrees out of time and won't start. If that happens you can either remove it and rotate the crank and cam 180 degrees until you marks line up again or remove the distributor and rotate it 180 and re-install it.

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If the oil is leaking from the timing chain cover behind the Harmonic Balancer (main large double pulley the belts run on). After removing the belts you need to remove the Harmonic Balancer using a puller, not to damage it, and then replace the seal in the cover. Inspect the back side of the Harmonic Balancer. The seal only seals to the shoulder of the Harmonic Balancer not the back face. If the shoulder's surface is not smooth replace it or it will leak again. Apply some light grease on the seal and mating surface of the Harmonic Balancer and reinstall. Re-install the belts. If it is leaking around the edges of the cover the sealant may need replacing. Also check the condition of the sealant around the oil pan. Both would require removal/cleaning and re-sealing.

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For all engines, the crankshaft alignment is the same, there is a small semicircular mark on the crankshaft pulley. That should line up with the triangular mark on the front cover. For the DOHC 1.6L, the marks on the cam sprockets should point towards each other, and be aligned with the machined surface on the top of the cylinder head. For the SOHC, place the number 4 cylinder at Top Dead Center of the compression stroke, and the dowel pin on the camshaft should be in the 12-O'Clock position, and hte mark on the camshaft sprocket should be at the 9-O'Clock position, aligned with the machined surface on the top of the cylinder head.

well you said it. Oil pressure switch or oil pressure sending unit.most cars have both.If it has one wire it is an oil pressure sending unit. if it has a plug with 2 or more wires it is an oil pressure switch and sends a signal to the onboard computer. remove the wire either a nut or usually a plug.some sending units take a special socket but if you can get a wrench on it turn it counter clock wise and unscrew it. when you get the new one it will have a red material on the threads, this is a sealant.thread the new switch snug and put you plug back on.

find the fan belt, make sure the car is OFF, then take a regular bar of soap and rub it on the underside of fan belt. That will stop it from squealing. Worked for me! look if is a car or sedan have to be a transversal engine and dont have fan belt if has only one belt they call it serpentine belt and is too old got to go replace it if it has two belts one for alternator and ac compressor and one for power steering that means the one for the alternator is loose and can be tight the noise is too loud with the heater on because the alternator is working extra and the belt is slipping

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