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Conscription in Australia was in place in varying degrees from 1911. Prior to World War I, the ALP began a system of compulsory military training for all males aged between 12 and 26 from January 1 1911. ALP Prime Minister Billy Hughes attempted to introduce full conscription during WWI by means of a referendum in October 1916, which was followed by another, but both were unsuccessful. With the start of WWII in 1939, all unmarried men aged 21 were to be called up for three months' compulsory combat training, but they were not to fight anywhere other than in Australia or its territories. In 1942, all men aged 18-35, and single men aged 35-45, were required to join the Citizens Military Forces (CMF), but were still not required to fight neyond Australian territories. these were the men who fought so bravely to defend the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. After the bombings of Darwin and Western Australia, the Commonwealth Government enacted laws to enable conscripted servicemen to be sent to any areas south of the Equator in South East Asia. 1945 saw the end of conscription in Australia for a short time. However, as a result of escalating tensions between the Soviet bloc and the West, Sir Robert Menzies introduced conscription as National Service for men 18 and over. In the 1960s, under this system, 20 year old men were conscripted by being selected through a ballot of birthdays, to serve for two years in regular army units. This was amended to allow these conscripts to serve overseas. Between 1965 and 1972, when conscription ended with the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, 63,000 men were conscripted by ballot.

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Q: What is the history of conscription in Australia?
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How did conscription end in Australia?

Australian Government officially ended the Australia "Conscription" service in 1972.

What effect did conscription have on Australian familles?

Conscription deeply divided Australia in the early 1900's. Many families (and citizens for that matter) did not agree with boyhood conscription, so an opposition was formed. Conscription is no longer practiced in Australia.

Where can you find information on conscription censorship and propaganda in Australia during WW2?

try the Australian war menorial is an EXCELLENT WEBSITE !!

What was the conscription rate for Australia for World War 1?

Australia didn't have conscription during WWI; it was first used in the Vietnam War.

Which groups were for and against conscription in Australia?

I only know the group which was against conscription and that was theAnglicanchurch and it showed a large percent of them votes no for conscription.

Peoplegroups that opposed conscription in World War I?

who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why? who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why?

When was conscription first used in Australia?

In 1911

Should Australia have supported conscription during world war 1?

That question is asking an opinion. In MY opinion, Australia did the right thing to not introduce conscription. The war was won anyway. Conscription would have only lead to more deaths.

What effect did conscription have on Australia?

Riots, protests, demonstrations.

When did conscription end in Australia?

end of conscriptionconscription in Australia ended on dec2, 1972.

When was conscription used in Australia during the Vietnam War?

Conscription was introduced in Australia by the Holt Government due to the National Service Act passed in 1964. This continued until 1971 when Australia pulled out of the Vietnam War.

When did conscription start in Australia?

conscription started in Australia when mr king jong il created a porno. and Australian troops wer angry and started bating over it. in 1965

What are the cons to introducing conscription in Australia?

Australia has never had a problem getting the soldiers it needed for a war. conscription however can be handy if you are looking for canon foder that hasn't had much money spent on it in training.

How did they show their support towards conscription in World War 1?

Australians did not support conscription in WW1 all the troops Australia sent were volunteers.

Why didn't Australia pass a referendum for conscription during the Vietnam War?

Australia had conscription in place and active , before the Vietnam war in 1972 ,( or somewhere close to that) in the elections, the labor party defeated the democratic party. this was due to the labor party promising to abolish conscription and allow conscripted soldiers out of the army when labor won this did happen and there has not been conscription since

Vietnam conscription in ausralia?

Yes, Australia drafted men during the war.

Conscription in Australia durin World War 1?

whats the actual question?

When has Australia used conscription?

Like the US, the last time was the Vietnam War.

Was conscription used in WW1?

No. The people of Australia voted "No" in two separate referendums.

Why did Australia vote no to conscription in ww1?

Australia wanted to protect it's own territory; and did not consider Europe to be it's problem.

What positive effects would conscription have hadon Australia in World War 1?


What happened to conscription in Australia during World War 1?

The age of entry was lowered

Was there conscription in the Vietnam war in Australia?

Yes, due to the communist in the North Vietnam Australia fear of the communist, so Australia use forward defence (fight communist in other country instead of Australia) by using conscription. Every men over 20 was randomly selected, if you were selected you have to serve in a war for 1 year, otherwise you may put in to jail. conscription was introduced for Vietnam war service in 1964; it was highly unpopular, and keeping his campaign promise ended by PM Gough Whitlam in December 1972. President Nixon ended conscription in the USA a few months later

What groups in Australia did not support Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war?

the save our sons organizationyouth against conscriptionAustralia comunist party

What influence has Vientam had on Australia?

It Put an end to conscription and led to the fall of the liberal government of the day.