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You're not even suppose to have sex until 4-6 weeks after giving birth vaginally and 6-12 weeks by c-section. However if you're breastfeeding, you are very unlikely to get pregnant as long as your breastfeed but it is still possible. In short- your chances for being pregnant this early is 1% You can have sex after giving birth as soon as you BOTH feel like it. Every doctor has seen women already pregnant at the 6 week post-natal check. Breast-feeding is not a contraceptive in the West we are too well-fed.

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What is the likelihood of getting pregnant 4 weeks after a woman has given birth?

It's unlikely for most women, but it sure has happened to some.

Do cows give milk during pregnancy?

Only if she's given birth prior to getting pregnant again.

Can you sue Mirena birth control for getting pregnant?

You were given information on the risk of pregnancy if you used Mirena. A successful lawsuit is unlikely.

What do you call a pregnant women who has given birth?

a mom

In menstrual cycle when can't you get pregnant?

A woman may potentially get pregnant at anytime during her menstrual cycle. The likelihood of getting impregnated increases around day 14 which is ovulation day if the period is regular. Advice given to those who wish to avoid getting pregnant is as follows - use contraception and/or avoid intercourse between days 10 and 20 (especially day 14) of the menstrual cycle to decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

How many times a month can you get pregnant?

you can get pregnant only once a month, once your pregnant you cant get pregnant till after you have given birth.

How Soon can guppies get pregnant after the have gaving birth?

Guppies can get pregnet a day or two after they have given birth

How are pigs produced?

pigs are produced when their mothers are pregnant and then they are given birth to.

Can you still have a full menstrual if you are pregnant?

NO! you have no new eggs until you have given birth!

Aside from the standard 1 percent what is the chance of becoming pregnant if you miss a couple days of your birth control medication then have unprotected sex after 4 days of taking it as prescribed?

It is difficult to make a likelihood estimation based on the information provided. However, given that the menstrual cycle is regular then it is safe to assume that ovulation occured on day 14 of the cycle. That means, the highest probability of getting pregnant is on and around day 14. Not taking birth control pills increases the risk of pregnancy. The further away from day 14, on either side, the day the intercourse took place, the lesser chances of getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant after you give birth with pre-ejaculate'?

You are actually more fertile right after you have given birth so yes.

Is teddy duncan pregnant out of Good Luck Charlie?

Thereis a new episode in which she announces she is pregnant but when they have the baby amy has not given birth

What to do when your gerbil is pregnant and hasn't give birth?

It might be a couple of days late, or maybe it's not actually pregnant. If you are completely sure your gerbil is pregnant and should have given birth a while ago try going to the vets.

How do pregnant ladies feel when there given birth?

they feel like they are worth something 911 gets them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you still get pregnant after getting your IUD taken out and you get right on the pill and you are on your period and you have unprotected sex?

You should not get pregnant under the given circumstances.

My female robo hamster has been getting bigger and has been acting pregnant since we got her almost 2 months ago but hasn't given birth yet is she pregnant?

hamster birth process is 16-22 days. tho do u have any males? and maybe shes just growing or getting fat i thought the same thing with my hamster. hamsters grow rrlly fast

What medicine should you take if you want to get pregnant but have to take birth control?

If you want to get pregnant, you need to stop birth control. Talk to your health care provider about appropriate steps given your medical situation.

Can you smoke weed well pregnant?

No, its not safe at all for the baby. Wait till after you've given birth

Can a pregnant goat be milked?

No, the hormones needed to produce milk are not produced until after the goat has given birth.

What is the meaning of the word likelihood?

In statistics, a likelihood function (often simply likelihood) is a function of a statistical model. The likelihood of a set parameter values, given outcomes x, is equal to the probability of those observed outcome.

Has Miley Cyrus given birth?

No, I know there were rumors that she was pregnant but according to Miley they were "100% false" No, I know there were rumors that she was pregnant but according to Miley they were "100% false"

Can women make milk when they are not pregnant?

Well, if you actually think about it the majority of women that produce milk are not pregnant. Milk production starts after they've given birth.

What likelihood that a given event will occur is called what?

Theoretical probability.

How soon does a rabbit build her nest before giving birth?

When my rabbit was pregnant, we didn't even know that she was pregnant. When we found out she had given birth, which was some minutes after she gave birth, she was in the middle of constructing her nest. So my guess is, they build their nests a little while before or immediately after giving birth.

Is it safe to get a dental implant while pregnant?

The procedure itself is safe, although it is recommended to have it done after you have given birth.