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It could be the lifters. Depending on the mileage and care as far as frequent oil changes one o rmor eof your lifters may be making a tickign sound. As the oil pressure builds up..........say after a minute or two does it go away? Try this....just turn the engien on and let it on and see if the ticking goes away when it warms up. If not, then it is probably not the lifters. The lifters are hydraulic and they maintain a certain oil pressure and as they get old they gum up from infrequent oil changes and they lose some of their ability to hold the pressure so they tick.

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Why would a 1978 Mercedes 280CE not turn over right away when you turn the key?

It takes few seconds for the fuel pump to kick in when attempting to start the car. If you try to turn the key to ignition position and before you crank it wait 1-2 seconds, you should be able to hear the fuel pump making a hissing noise, it should start right away.

What is 2000 Malibu engine noise?

if your talking about a v6 noise on start up. most all 3.1 make this noise until engine gets warm. if the noise does not go away when warmed up. better check it out !

What causes a rumbling sound to front end of car?

Wheel bearings will cause a rumbling noise consistent with the revolution of the tires. Your highlander is doing a computerized check of systems. If your noise is like mine, when you start the engine and pull away you hear this noise and then it goes away.

What is the cause of an engine rattle sound on cold start that goes away after about 15 seconds on a twin turbo Stealth?

I had the same problem it was just low on oil. ******************* It's usually lifter noise. It can be particularly nerve-wracking after the car has set for an extended period. As suggested, keeping your oil at the correct level will minimize it, but you might hear a little bit of lifter noise on every start.

What would cause a chirping noise under the hood of a 2003 F350 King Ranch It makes the noise whether the ac or heat is on or not?

A glazed belt can make that noise. Try rubbing a bar of soap on the belts and start it up. If the noise goes away temporarily, replace the belts.

When you start your car and turn your sounds on the revs and that go throw your speakers?

Get a filter for your alternator. What you are hearing is alternator noise in the speakers. You can purchase these at a Radio shack or electronics store to take the alternator noise away.

Why does my Infiniti 1999 G20 145k Miles makes noise at startup but goes away in 5 to 10 seconds Is this the timing chain?

after the car sits for a while ,the oil settles back down into the pan.On start up i takes a few seconds for the possible worn oil pump or partially clogged oil passages to pump oil to the upper end of the motor

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What would cause Lincoln aviator to make rattling noise when started?

I'd like to know too! Mine does the same thing - it makes a rattling noise upon startup that goes away after 30 seconds or so and isn't present while driving or idling.

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Why does your car starter click with keys out?

i have a 2007 chevy only has 17000 miles on it. i had a remote car starter put in a year and ahalf ago. i never had a problem. now when i start my car it makes a clicking noise.the noise goes away after a few seconds and i can still drive the car.

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When I start up my Hyundai Accent there is a ticking noise that goes away when the engine warms up?

If its coming from your engine, you may need a valve adjustment..

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On 2002 4runner why does transmission make rattling noise when cold start?

different parts inside the gearbox will have driped dry and make more noise after starting from cold this noise should go away fairly quickly as the running gears move the oil around the gear box

Why does the engine of your Toyota corrolla ce start with high noise and comes down after some few minutes early in the morning?

All cars start and the revs are higher than at idle,butif there is a noise when starting that usually goes away, it could be a idle tensioner going bad or a faulty pulley/ bearing. Noise usually only last a few minutes.

Laguna 11 1.9dci noise coming from 5th6th gear when driving press the clutch in noise goes away what is the noise how do you fix it?

throw out bearing

What causes a squealing noise in front of 1998 buick park ave?

Turn your AC on and if the squeal goes away in a couple of seconds it has to do with either the idler pulley or the AC pulley itself. Mine was both.

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