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To remain healthy, a person should not lose over 2-3 pounds per week. Any more weight lost and it's considered unhealthy.

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Q: What is the most amount of weight someone can lose in 1 week?
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What is the most effective way to lose weight in a short amount of time?


What type of fruit can you eat and lose weight?

You can eat most any fruit an not gain weight. But there is sugar in all fruit so I don't guarantee that you will lose a great amount of weight.

Do you lose water weight by peeing?

Yes, but only a small amount. Most water weight is stored in your skin and muscles.

If someone was wanting to lose weight and wanted to burn fat fast where would someone find information on how to?

It is really important when embarking on a weight loss programme to talk to your doctor first, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. They will advise you on the best and, most importantly, safest way to lose weight and burn fat.

How much weight does someone lose during a week long fast?

It depends what their original weight was. Most of the first week weight loss is water.

What foods make you gain the most weight?

I don't think there is a particular food that makes someone gain weight, I believe it's the amount of food that is taken in that makes someone gain weight.

Do bulimics lose weight if they don't binge?

Bulimia is not a way to lose weight, it is a mental disorder that ruins your life, destroys your body, and most of the time, results in weight gain. Most bulimics are average weight if not over weight. It is not a way to lose weight.

Do people gain weight back after they lose it from ulcerative colitis?

I have that condition but I never actually lost weight. I did gain weight from a steroid my doctors put me on, which I eventually lost most of. But most any time someone loses any significant amount of weight over a short period of time your body is likely to gain it back along with a few additional pounds.

How can you lose 10 pounds in 8 days if you are 5 foot 7 and 135 pounds?

There is no safe way to lose that amount of weight in that time frame. 2-3 lbs is about the most you can safely lose in a week. If you managed to lose 10lbs in 8 days most of it would be water weight and would come back very quickly.

Good Recipes to Lose Weight?

For many people one of the most challenging aspects of life is being able to lose weight and keep it off.� To help lose weight, it would be a good idea to cook healthy meals that home based off of recipes that are designed to help someone lose weight. � When looking for recipes to help you lose weight you should choose recipes that are based largely on healthy lean meats, such as chicken, pork, or fish.� You should also ensure that you are eating a balanced amount of whole grains and vegetables each month, which are full of fiber and vitamins that you need.� ��

If you dont eat much and work out will you lose weight?

It is likely that you will lose weight since eating less and getting exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.

How can I make a daily routine to lose weight fast?

The best way to lose weight is to do it slowly and consistently. There are books and programs that can help you lose weight but in most cases, if you lose weight fast you are statistically likely to gain the weight back.

How much weight can you lose with yoga?

The amount of weight you can lose with Yoga depends on the kind of exercises you do and the regularity of it. Using yoga is one of the most effective, natural and long term way for weight loss. The weight loss may differ from person to person.

Hiring a personal trainer is the most effective way to lose weight.?

Hiring a personal trainer is the most effective way to lose weight.

How much lost when using a enema?

You may lose a small amount of weight from an enema, but it is insignificant in most cases. You are not losing weight, you are just eliminating feces that is in your intestinal tract.

Does honey with hot water help to lose weight?

No... exercise! It's the most best way to lose weight. :)

Does Nutrasystem help you lose weight?

The Nutrasystem can help you lose weight if you are diligent in sticking with their diet plan and following their guidelines to lose weight. The most important thing is be disciplined and persevere.

In prison can you see a doctor to lose weight?

Yes, most prison doctors will give advice on how an inmate can lose weight.

Will you lose weight after you stop taking seroquel?

I've been on seroquel 100mg for the past two years and have recently decided to change to Zeldox/Geodon after gradually putting on 9kg. My Psychiatrist tells me that most people lose the weight they put on (depending on how much) quite quickly after stopping seroquel, and for the amount I put on it should take weeks rather than months. I cant really say what the case would be if someone was on a very high dose and/or put on large amount of weight, but hope that helps :)

What are the most tried and true quick diet plans?

Weight watchers or Jenny Craig are two very reliable sources to lose weight. Both plans will guide you in losing the desired weight in the amount time you need to.

What exercises helps you lose the most weight?


Why bipolar medicine helps you lose weight?

it doesn't, most make you gain weight

Is fiber brownies a good way to lose weight?

No. Any sugary foods and/or beverages are most definitely NOT a good way to lose weight.

Can you lose weight in three weeks?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight in three weeks, but it depends on how much weight you want to lose. It's recommended that a person should, at most, lose two pounds a week for the sake of their health. In three weeks, you could lose six pounds.

How much weight loss when being anorexia for a week?

Most people gain weight in the first week of anorexia. After about a week, they start to lose, but the thinner you are, the slower you will lose weight.