What is the most expensive sport in the world?

Most Expensive Sport

Horse Racing is by far the most expensive sport in the world. Known as 'The Stock Market of Sports'. This requires the most money for mantaining and the keep towards the animals and even the Jockies' diets in order to keep fit. It is more of a way of life, and the expense of a life for a sport that is watched and proclaimed around the world.

*Note: Racing such as Nascar and Formula One are not recognized as sports, being that physical exertion is not necessary, which is the same reason why video games, etc are not as such either. There is a difference between a 'sport' and an 'event'.

Wrong completely.

Formula 1 and association football (a.k.a. soccer) when considering the top teams budgets.

F1 is a recognized global sport (maybe not or less in America) witch demand very high level fitness due to the high G forces, reaction times and very high dehydration (most severe in all sports).