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What is the name of the clamp tool GM uses to rock the engine forward in models such as the 2001 Impala?


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2008-01-06 16:47:23
2008-01-06 16:47:23

It is a lisle engine tilter. There are 2 companies selling tools for this function at present Lisle part GM Engine tilter number 48620

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under hood lift plastic cover on the side that needs to be replaced look behind headlamp housing and you should see a steel wire spring clamp. pull the clamp forward and towards engine and lamp housing should release

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in most cars it is under the engine clamp 1st on the right

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A large radiator type clamp that unscrews to take it loose so the rubber intake hose can be taken off.

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They will pierce with a hollow needle and hold the mark with a clamp. The procedure is very straight forward.

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Because there may be a spark when you connect a jumper cable negative clamp to the battery post which can cause an explosion. Batteries emit hydrogen gas which is very volitive. Always connect the negative clamp to the engine or another ground point on the vehicle.

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