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it should be about 70 psi....and should remain like that for as long as possible after turning off engine - days even if all is OK

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2006-08-14 13:42:35
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Q: What is the necessary fuel pressure for a 1986 Volvo 240?
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What is the proper fuel pressure Volvo 740?

3.2 bar or about 39 PSI

Is a fuel tank pressure sensor necessary?


Where is the fuel pump on your 1996 Volvo 940?

you should have 2pumps, a low pressure in the tnk and a high pressure in the line.

Where is fuel pressure regulator Volvo s60 d5 2002?

look in your owner's manual

Where are the fuel pump on 1989 Volvo 740?

There is a low pressure fuel pump in the gas tank, and a high pressure in-line fuel pump located on the under-carriage beneath the drivers seat

Volvo fault code mid 128 pid 94 fmi 1?

this is the fault code of fuel feed pressure low in Volvo vehicles u need to chake fuel line fuel filter clogged or fuel pump faulty

What should fuel pressure be on Volvo 940 1995 non turbo?

check the fuses and change the fuel pump relay first in the fuse box behind the front ash tray goggle Volvo relays to see it. and fuel cleaner in the fuel tank.

1983 Volvo 240 DL Why no fuel at injectors after replacing both fuel pumps and filters?

fuel pressure regulator, or clog due to poor fuel, and check injectors

How do you control the pressure for the fuel pump in a Volvo 740 gl none turbo?

There is a vacuum controlled pressure regulator on the fuel rail. Check for vacuum leaks. If the unit is faulty, it will often leak fuel into the vacuum line.

What is the correct fuel pressure for a 1986 bronco II?

30-40 Psi.

Why does my 1986 Chevy s10 2.5 will not pump fuel fuel pump is working?

The fuel pump may be running but it may not put out enough fuel pressure. Have the fuel pressure tested. I am assuming the fuel filter has been changed.

How do you fix a 1999 Volvo with a cut off fuel supply?

Start with diagnosing the cause of no fuel. Check fuse, fuel pump relay, fuel filter, fuel pressure, fuel pressure regulator, fuel gpm flow, damaged/pinched fuel lines. Once you have determined the cause you can fix it.

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