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Prehistoric horses began in America and moved into Europe and Africa via the Siberian land bridge. However the American horses died out during the Ice Age and there weren't horses in America again until the Europeans arrived.

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What is the origin of the paint horse?

The origin of a paint horse is a Quarter horse and a Pinto.

Where was the origin of the Trojan horse?

Mexican origin.

Origin of as hungry as a horse?


What is the origin of the term shoe in?

The origin of shoo in is a horse that goes so fast you don't have to force the horse to travel faster by stronger means.

When was the Arabian horse discovered?

The true origin of the Arabian horse is unknown, but it is believed that they were discovered. For more information on the origin of the Arabian horse, see the link in the Related Links section below.

What is the origin for get a leg up?

It originates in helping a horse rider mount the horse.

What country is the origin of horse riding?


The origin of the quarter horse?

It is actually called the American Quarter Horse. It was originated in the United States.

Which horse was the first horse to help us?

The Eohippus horse was the firsthorse to help us!

What is the origin of the pinto horse?

Pinto horses are reated to the horse brought over from Spain in the 16th century.

What is the rocky mountain horse country of origin?

The Rocky Mountain Horse comes from the Rocky Mountains in the USA.

What is a geegee?

"Geegee" is a British-origin slang word for "horse".

What was the origin horse racing called in Australia?

i dont rellyknow

What is the origin of mustang and sombrero?

The horse Mustang is also known as a wild horse and is brought to America by the Spanish

What is the word origin for the word chaise?

A 'Chaise' is a one horse carriage of French origin, a pleasure carriage, dating from 1700

What is the origin of the word zebra?

The Latin equiferus, meaning "wild horse".

Is the Arabian an American horse?

Does the name 'Arabian' not suggest an origin for that breed?

What is the origin of Don't lock the stable door after the horse is stolen?


What is the word origin of protect?

origin is to protect us from the beginning

What is a wild horse of the western US?

A wild horse in the US is called a mustang

What is the continental origin of horse?

The horse evolved over the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America. The horse died out in North America and was reintroduced by Spanish and viking explorers.

What language of origin does hippopotamus come from?

It comes originally from the Greek for 'river horse'. Hippos means horse, and potamos means river.

What is the origin name of doldrums horse latitude trade winds?

your mum on a stick

What is the origin of the name red horse?

if you're talking about a real horse than its called a roan but if your talking about the horse on the restaurant i don't know. You may be referring to the US Air Force "Red Horse" squadrons. It stands for "Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers". These are construction units used to build air bases in combat zones.

What is the origin of the word hippopotamus?

The word derives from ancient Greece, meaning "horse of the river".