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What is the price to fix blown heads and head gaskets on a 1994 Lincoln?


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Hello: I have a 1991 Lincoln 3.8 I paid a non-dealer shop $535.00 to repair the rear head, only. This price included having the head sent out to be milled (required), and also new head bolts (also required)and all gaskets/parts.


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That is usually considered a partial valve job and most garages want just do head gaskets without shaving the heads at least and that means removing the heads from the motor(partial valve job). The last valve jog I had done on Ford engine 351 Windsor was about ten year ago and it was $600.00 then, the price know I couldn't tell you. I hope this give you some idealof the cost.

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You by any chance have a performance chip on it??? If so your an idiot and blew your head gaskets. Slim to none that your egr cooler is causing the venting. So do the head gaskets and take the chip off. If you have one. If not chances are that your head gasket have blown. Very common I did 4 head jobs last month on the 6.0L diesel that you have. Sorry 4 the bad news. You do know you have 5yr 100,000 mile warranty on the engine if your under either one of those any ford dealer will warranty cyl head gaskets with a 100dollar deductable of course small price to pay if your still covered thou. Hope this helps. Powerstroke57

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