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remove all the coolant in the system take out thermostat put new thermostat in fill system...

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Q: What is the proper process for replacing the thermostat on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Grix 3.1 V6?
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How do you fix code P0128 on a 2001 Chevy Astro Van?

P0128 says the engine isn't warming up to proper specs. Start with replacing the thermostat.

What cars have to have a thermostat?

All cars need a thermostat for proper operation and longevity.

Does the thermostat have to be in the Plymouth Voyager?

Yes, the thermostat needs to be installed for proper engine operation.

If you are replacing a water pump will this stop a car from overheating?

Replacing a bad water pump can help to stop a motor from overheating. Hopefully that was the cause of the overheating. If it does not stop the overheating, try replacing the thermostat. Make sure you have the proper mix of antifreeze and water, the radiator filled with it. Check the level of coolant FIRST. Next, the hoses, and third the thermostat. Then, disconnect a hose and see if, by starting the vehicle, if there's water pressure. If not, its water pump time!

How do you keep the thermostat in the proper mounting position when replacing it on a 1993 4.9L F150?

I Use A small dab of pematex or similar sealant just enough to hold, make sure surface is clean.

What is the proper thermostat degree for a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder?

A 180 and a 170 degree thermostat are listed for it.

What is the proper tire size for 1948 Pontiac?


What is the proper tire size for a 1998 Pontiac transport?

The proper tire size for a 1998 Pontiac Transport is P205/70R15. This info is on a sticker placed on the driver's door jam.

How to replace the ignition switch on 2002 Pontiac grand prix?

Replacing a steering column ignition switch on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix is not considered a major repair. The task is considered easy but if done wrong could be dangerous. It is best to refer to vehicle manual for the car to ensure proper direction is given.

How do you know if the thermostat went out in a Chrysler lebaron?

If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine will never warm up to proper temperature.

Your 1992 Pontiac gran prix does not heat up quickly?

If you are talking about the engine temp then more than likely your thermostat is stuck open or if you recently changed it the heat range is not proper causing it to open prematurely and not allow the engine to heat up. Change the thermostat and this should take care of the problem. Hope this helps. "G"

How hard it is to change the thermostat on a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu?

It is not hard if you have the proper tools. Drain the radiator and remove the upper hose at the engine. Remove the thermostat housing and install the thermostat. Clean the surfaces and install the new thermostat.

How do you get your 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport to produce heat for inside the vehicle?

Make sure coolant is at proper level Make sure heater control cable is working Perhaps thermostat needs replacing

How do you keep the thermostat in the proper mounting position when replacing it on a 1993 4.9L F150 since it won't stop leaking?

I used a small dab of permatex or similar sealant on flange of t-stat to hold it in place. Make sure surfaces are clean.

What is proper lug torque on Pontiac g5?

110 lbs of torque

How do you change the thermostat in a 1985 S10 Blazer?

The thermostat is under the housing that the top radiator hose connects to, remove the hose then the housing and change the thermostat. The bolts are metric so be prepared with the proper tools.

What is the proper tire size for a 1949 Pontiac?

1949 Pontiac Chieftain Eight Series 27 tire size is 7.1 x 15".

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1997 Chevy Camaro RS?

open the radiator cap to release any pressure from the system. Follow the top hose from the radiator and unbolt the two 14 mm bolts holding the thermostat housing in place. Remove the thermostat out of the housing. I replaced mine with a fram 195 degree fail safe (when fails stays open not shut)thermostat. Reinstall making sure you use proper gasket and proper thermostat.

What is the proper tire size for a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SSE?


What is proper tire size for the 2005 Pontiac Grand Am?

225 / 50r 16

Is thought the proper spelling?

That is the proper spelling, "thought" for the process of thinking.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1999 Dodge Ram?

Unbolt the thermostat houseing remove the old thermostat clean all of the old gasket off of the housing and the inlet put on new gasket and new thermostat also recommend flushing the cooling system re torqur the thermostat housing bolts to the proper torque and run the motor check for leaks.

Where is the thermostat in the 2001 Toyota Camry?

Follow the top radiator hose to where it enters the engine. The thermostat is in that housing. You will need a new gasket. Ask the parts guy how the thermostat is installed. Many thermostat have a "jiggle pin" which most be located correctly.Don't get wrench happy tightening up the thermostat housing fasteners. The proper torque on those fasteners is not much.

What is proper fuel pressure for a Pontiac Sunfire?

should be between 30 - 45 psi

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