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What is the proper torque for a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim's spark plugs?

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The proper torque is 26 Ft-lbs due to the aluminum head.

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What is the proper tightening torque for spark plugs on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 3.4L?

I dont know the torque for the 2000 but a rule of thumb is, with ratchet get the plug snug and go a quarter turn. allways use anti-siez lube for plugs on your plugs.

What is the proper spark plug setting for a 1998 harley Davidson sportster 1200?

Gap the plugs .038" to .043" and torque the plugs to 22 ft/lbs.

What is the torque for spark plugs 97 Cadillac?

Torque the spark plugs to 11 lb/ft.

Changed spark plugs now car will not start?

Check the terminals in boots are fully snapped on to ends of plugs. Also proper torque on plugs. Remeber if loose, thee is no compression & gases won't fire.

Where are the drain plugs on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

Which drain plugs?

What is the proper Spark plug torque 1992 accord dx?

The spark plug torque on a 1992 Honda Accord would be approximately 13 lbs. The gap for the spark plugs is 1.1mm.

What is the spark plug torque for a 94 dodge spirit 2.5?

The 2.5 liter four cylinder engine in Dodge Spirits and Plymouth Acclaims uses the then very common Champion N12Y or N12YC spark plugs (or their equivalents in any other brand. Those plugs require 20 lb Ft of torque and nothing more (the cylinder head is made of Aluminum, so try to use a torque Wrench to avoid over-torquing and possibly stripping a thread! Plug gap is 0.035" or 35 mils. (0.9 mm). Turbo engines MUST NOT use Platinum tipped spark plugs, since their very thin electrodes cannot conduct away the heat produced by those more powerful engines, and can produce preignition in those engine versions, which should use only Standard type plugs. Non-Turbo engines can use Platinum electrode plugs with no problem, which tend to last much more time between plug changes. Amclaussen.

What is the torque for spark plugs?

11 lb/ft.

Where are the spark plugs on a 1996 Plymouth Neon?

Screwed in the head.

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2004 Chrysler sebring 2.7 liter engine and do you tighten hard or loose?

Remove the plugs one at a time and replace with a new plug you have gapped properly. Tighten to the proper torque Do not over-torque plugs. You risk damage to cylinder heads (particularly aluminum ones), and proper firing depends on the plug being at precisely the right height relative to the cylinder. I will list a link to Torque Specs. below. It is necessary to remove the upper intake plenum. Purchase the intake gaskets when you purchase the plugs. You also have to remove the coils one at a time, remove the plugs w/a 5/8" spark plug socket, coat the threads of the new plug with a small dab of anti size compound, thread the plugs in using only the socket and extension after the contact the head tighten an additional 1/16 turn.

What is the torque for spark plugs on 2001 Honda Accord 4 cylinder?

The correct torque is 13 ft/lbs.

How many ft lbs of torque when installing spark plugs on 1999 Cadillac deville?

Torque to 11 lb/ft

What is the torque for spark plugs on a chev 350?

20 ft lbs

What is the torque for Mazda 6 spark plugs?

10-14 ft

What is the torque specification for spark plugs on a 2006 Scion tc?


What is the torque specification for spark plugs on a 2006 Chevy hhr?

specification on gapping spark plugs for 2006 chevy cobalt

What torque should I apply when replacing spark plugs on a 2003 Ford Escape 3.0 engine?

It seems to depend on the spark plug. I replaced the Motorcraft plugs with Bosch Platinum+2 plugs. Look here for what Bosch says about torques (search for the word "torque"): The box of the Platinum+2 plugs said to torque them to 15 ft.-lbs., which is what I did. Good luck!

Why does your 1995 Plymouth neon miss under a load?

Check plugs and wires

Why would a 1989 Plymouth acclaim not get fire to the spark plugs?

The hampster's dead

What is the gap for a 1990 Plymouth sunbird using champion plugs?

.035 inch

What torque specification is the same on all cars?

None, It is commonly believed that 22ft/lb is the torque for all spark plugs but this is incorrect

What is the spark plug torque for a 1999 Toyota Camry?

The torque for spark plugs is 18 N*m or 13 ft*lbf.

How do you measure torque for spark plug replacement?

You get the manual for the engine that you are replacing the plugs in then you use your torque wrench and tighten to the specified torque. If you have an aluminum head, be super careful and be sure to use the correct torque spec.

Pontiac Grand Prix stalls when cold?

test the temp sensor. Check spark plugs,plug wires,torque convertor. test the temp sensor. Check spark plugs,plug wires,torque convertor.

What causes the distributor not to fire to the spark plugs on a 1993 Plymouth colt?

A faulty ECM!!!