What is the religion of Iraq?

Answer 1
Iraq's religion is mostly Shi'a Islam, although there are a significant number of Sunni Muslims too.

Answer 2
The most popular faith in Iraq is far and away Islam, whose adherents count between 85-95% of the country (estimates are hard to attain due to much immigration and emigration to the country). Within Islam, Iraq has a majority Shiite Community representing around 60-70% of Iraq's total population and most are of the Ja'afari School. Iraq has minority Sunni Community representing around 20-30% of Iraq's total population (most of the Kurds are Sunni, however) and most Sunnis are of the Hanafi School.

Iraq also has numerous minority religions, the most prevalent of which are Christians (Syrian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrian, and Chaldean), Yazidis, Zoroastrians, and Jews (Mizrahim).

Answer 3
Islam nowadays. In ancient times there were sumerian, akkadian, babylonian and assyrian religions (which are all basically the same, with different names of gods). Then Persia conquered Mesopotamia (the land of todays Iraq) and Zoroastrianism was the religion then. After that Alexander the Great conquered Mesopotamia, and Greek religion was adapted. After that Roman Empire conquered Mesopotamia, but the Roman religion is basically the same as the Greek, with different names again. Then the land of Mesopotamia became part of many different dynasties of Parthia and Persia, Mithraism and Zoroastrianism were practised. Arabs conquered the land then and Islam is the state religion of Iraq nowadays.

Answer 4
they have 2 types of religions christian and Muslim and they have many diffrent types of Muslim like shiat and suinis

Answer 5

Islam is the most popular religion in Iraq with Christianity holding a small minority of popularity in the country.