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If you search the entire quran for the number nineteen written out in Arabic "tisa-ashr", you will find it in one verse:
74:31 "On it (are) nineteen."
The quran itself explains the significance of the number 19 in the immediately following verse:
74:32 "And We have made the guardians of the Fire to be Angels; and We did not make their number except as a test for those who have rejected, so that those who were given the Scripture would understand, and those who have faith would be increased in faith, and so that those who have been given the Scripture and the believers do not have doubt, and so that those who have a sickness in their hearts and the rejecters would Say: "What did God mean with an example such as this?" It is such that God misguides whom He wishes, and He guides whom He wishes. And none know your Lord's soldiers except Him. And it is but a reminder for mankind."
Basically in bullet form, the number 19:
  • Tests disbelievers
  • Helps convince the people of the Book that the Quran is the true book of God.
  • Increases the faith of believers
  • Removes doubt from the people of the Book and believers
  • Further confuses disbelievers

In another sura God promises none can change his book:
18:27 "And recite what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord, there is none who can alter His words; and you shall not find any refuge besides Him."
There are three ways in which the Quran has been protected from changes:
  • It was written down immediately
  • It was memorized in its entirety
  • It uses checksums to generate mathimatical anomalies which can be used to detect changes in the Quran, similar to the way IP packets contain a CRC in the checksum byte to help the receiver detect changes or corruption of the message which was sent.

Prime numbers a a great way to generate and detect statistical anomalies. 19 is a good prime number which appears way to many times in the Quran to be just a random coincidence. For example,
  • There are 114 (19x6).
  • Each sura begins with the same first vese, "In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate" expet for one sura (sura Tauba). Then exactly 19 suras after sura Tauba you have a sura with two first verses, so the total number of first verses in the Quran is still 114 (19x6).
  • Each Arabic number has a numerical value assigned to it because they were the number before Arabic numerals were imported from India. From the number to letter relationships in the first verse, one can derive about 25 factors of 19. The probablity of this being a random concidence is about one to 10e30. In other words it is a checksum so tight, you can detect any small perturbation in the first verse (see www.quran.com -> quran code -> Beyond probablity for further detials)
  • The Quran's main message is One God. The total numerical value for One (WAHD) is 19.

Further examples both pro and con can be found by searching for: quran 19 using Google.
Another significance is that no one in the past and today can find a mistake in the Quran, Nothing in the Quran is a coincidence, nothing in there is a lie, its all the truth.
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