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What is the significance of the Fall of Constantinople?

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The significance of the fall of the fall of Constantinople is that it was the fall of the last christian empire in eastern Europe.

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What was the significance of Constantinople?

Constantinople basically sparked the Crusades.

How did the fall of Constantinople effect Christianity?

the fall of constantinople did not effect christianity

When did Fall of Constantinople happen?

Fall of Constantinople happened on 1453-04-06.

What significance was Constantinople to the Byzantine Empire?

It was its capitol city.

Why did the fall of Constantinople in 1453 have a significance impact on renaissance humanism in Italy?

The fall of Constantinople lead to the migration of thousands of Greek scholars to the rest of Europe, mainly to Venetia (and other parts of "Italy"). With them they brought many texts from and knowledge of ancient Greece, that were unknown to these Italians. This in turn boosted the renaissance movement.

Why did constantinople fall?

they sucked dick

Was the fall of Constantinople a factor in the Italian renaissance?

Yes, when Constantinople fell, the scholars from Constantinople took their work ie: Maps, Paintings, Formulas, Diagrams, etc. They went to Italy and spread their Ideas. So, the fall of Constantinople affected the Italian Renaissance,

What caused the fall of constantinople?

because of the venitains

When did Constantinople fall to the ottoman Turks?


When was the fall of Constantinople?

In the year 1453 AD.

What is the religious significance of Constantinople?

It became the center of the Eastern Orthodox Church

When did constantinople fall?

The Fall of Constantinople occurred on May 29, 1453. The fighting lasted for three days, and resulted in Ottoman control of the Christian Orthodox city.

Which was a major effect fall of constantinople to the ottoman Turks in 1453?

Europe mobilized to retake Constantinople soon after

When did Constantinople Fall To The Crusaders?

April 12, 1204

Why is the fall of Constantinople important?

romans lost their empire

What city did the eastern roman empire fall in?


When did constantinople fall to the Turks?

May 29th 1453

Where did the leadership of the Orthodox Church move to after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks?

Nowhere, it remained in Constantinople, and is still there today.

When did Byzantine Empire fall?

May 29, 1453 with the fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul) to the Turks

What was the effect of the fall in constantinople?

merchants losing place to go

How many people died in the fall of Constantinople?

about 135,000 to 150,000

How many casualties in the fall of Constantinople?

The fall of Constantinople occurred when the Ottoman Empire took over the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. There were 4,000 people killed including private citizens.

What was the conquest of Constantinople?

The Fall of Constantinople was the capture of Constantinople of the Byzantine Empire which occurred after a siege laid by the Ottoman Empire, under the command of Sultan Mehmet II El-Fatih.

What was life like for the people of Constantinople during its fall?

During its fall, rape murder and pillage were common.

How did the fall of constantinople influence the beginning of the Renaissance?

When Constantinople fell, refugees headed to Europe took vast amounts of art and knowledge from Constantinople. This ignited the Renaissance, a whole rebirth or art and knowledge from the Dark Ages as well as the fallen Constantinople.