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the size is 10.x2.5 or 9.x1.75 you need to measure.

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Q: What is the size of a brake drum of a 97 Ford Ranger 4X4 V6 4.0?
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What size rear brake shoes does a 1999 Ford Ranger have?

You could have either 9 inch or 10 inch , depending on the brake drum size

What size brake line is on a 1994 ford ranger?

What size is the steel brake line tubing on a 1994 Ford Ranger

What size brake drums does a 1991 2 wheel drive Ford Ranger have?

On a 1991 Ford Ranger : Either 9 inch or 10 inch brake drums

What size rear brake shoe does a four 2001 ford ranger xlt have?

Look on the drum it should have a number measured in millimeters covert that in inches and that's how you well know what shoe size you need!

What size is the rear brake drum on a 1998 ford ranger?

The drum will have a maximum diameter imprinted on its outer edge. You can see it when you take the wheel off. You can find what size it is by this number - +10" means a 10" drum, +9" means a 9" drum. The size is usually in decimal inch form; ie 10.036". As far as I know, there are only two sizes on a '98 Ranger, 9 & 10. If you're still not sure, take the drum in to a shop and ask to compare!

What size rear brake shoes does a 2003 ford ranger have?

Either 9 inch or 10 inch brake shoes

What size are the brake pads for an 2002 Ford Ranger?

Your local ford dealer should be able to anser that. If not look into Raybestos's website. Thet are a leading brake parts manufacturer.

What size brake line for 1990 ford f150?

In order to determine the size brake line for a 1990 Ford T F 150, you will need to know the size of your drum wheel cylinders. You also will need to know what kind of disc calipers you have.

What size is the spare tire for a 1999 Ford Ranger?

tire size for 1998 2dr ford ranger is?

Does GM have a car that is similar in size and quality to the Ford Ranger?

The Chevrolet Silverado is a truck similar in size to the Ford Ranger.

What part number is the Ford Ranger oil filter?

What year of Ford Ranger , and what engine size ?

What size is the brake line running from the master cylinder to the back wheels on a 93 ford ranger xlt?

Only your local auto parts store can give you the correct size and brake line for the type or model of vehicle you have.

What weight oil does a Ford Ranger use?

That would depend on what year of Ford Ranger and what size of engine it has

Did ford make a full size ranger?


Does the Ford Ranger have a V6 engine?

If you are debating on whether or not you want to buy a Ford Ranger, then it is useful to know the engine size. The Ford Ranger is available, with a V6 engine.

Would a 1999 ford expedition tire size 255.70.16 fit a 2001 Ford Ranger xlt?

no ford ranger is only a 14 inch rim size the ford exp. is a 16 rim size I don't know who answered that but yes they will fit. the 14inch was the old style ranger.

What size brake shoes fit a 1997 Ford Ranger?

Any auto parts store can provide you with the correct size. ANSWER You could have either 9 inch or 10 inch drums

What is the size brake shoe for an 89 Ford?

What Model of Ford

Will a 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4 motor interchange with a 1998 Ford Ranger?

as long as it is the same size motor it should

What size speaker are in the doors of a 1991 Ford Ranger?

The speakers in the doors of a 1991 Ford Ranger are 6-inch speakers.

How do you determine the size of brake drums and rotor discs on a 97 Dodge Caravan?

measure inside diameter of brake drum (where brake shoes touch drum) and measure outside diameter of brake rotors. usually if you look at wheel side of drums and rotors the size is stamped in millimeters on each

What is the size of the brake drum on a 2002 Chevy cavalier LS Sport?


Tire size on 2000 Ford ranger?

stock tire size is P23575R15

What is the battry size for 2002 Ford Ranger?

Motorcraft BXT - 59 ( is Fords " top of the line " battery for a 2002 Ford Ranger )

What size is the gas tank in a 2006 Ford Ranger?

In a 2006 Ford Ranger : The ( SuperCab ) is ( 73.8 litres / 19.5 U.S. gallons )