What is the timing mark on a 1990 Honda Accord?

The timing marks on a 1990 Honda Accord with an F22A1, F22A2, F22A6 are one the flywheel. Below the distributor on the bell housing is a little yellow plug with a tip that sticks up to make it easy to pull out and it does pull out easy. Once you have the plug removed you can the take a flash light or a trouble light and shine the light in the hole and see a tab sticking out with a v shaped notch cut out of it. This is your pointer. Then you can turn the motor over counter clockwise until you see a white mark lined up with notch on the pointer. This is TDC (top dead center). At this point the number one cylinder is up and all valves to CYL #1 should be closed and the #1 piston is ready to make its firing stroke. If the white mark is lined up with the notch and the #1 cylinder has valves open then you must make one complete turn of the Crank. Once you have number one at TDC then turn the motor 15 degrees clockwise and you should see a red mark lined up with the notch. This is your ignition timing mark. When you have your motor running and a timing light hooked to the motor this mark should appear to be staying pretty much in the same general area, appearing as if it is not moving but up and down a little bit. If you have this then you timing is kosher and your accord should be running steady and smooth. My accord is set up for drag racing and i still use it on the street and with my exhaust header and intake i set mine at 18 degrees advanced and i get a little more top end power and i still have my great gas mileage. Good luck. Accordman_92