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tighten up nut,and back it off 2 turns- should be able to get a bit of motion if you push and pull,be sure to pack bearings with proper grease

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Q: What is the torque on front spindle bearing on 1997 1500 5.7L ck truck?
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How do you install a front wheel bearing on a 2003 gmc 1500?

Check to see if your truck has sealed bearings, if it does then the entire spindle unit is replaced as a unit. This was the case on my 2005.

What is the Torque on a 97 f250 wheel bearing?

The 1997 Ford F2 50 pickup truck wheel bearing torque specification is 60 pounds. Over torquing the wheel bearing will cause it to fail.

How do you take the bearing out of a rotor for a 1996 Chevy 1500 truck?

Front bearing will drop out when remove from spindle, rear one will need to remove the grease seal then the bearing will come out. To get the races out drive them out by using a long punch and reacing throu the rotor and drive them out from the back side of the race.

What is a wheel bearing seal on a truck?

Okay.... so you have a spindle which is attached to the axle... this is what the wheel actually mounts on. Within that spindle are several components, of which the most important to note are the two bearings (and corresponding races). Now, bearings roll, and thus, they need to be lubricated. This is done with gear oil. The wheel seal at the back of the bearing keeps the gear oil in the spindle.

What does a car wheel barren do?

If you mean "wheel bearing", it supports the wheel and tire assembly's rotation and provides a main point of connection between the wheel and the car's axle or spindle. Whit out wheel bearing, a car or truck will not roll.

Is it safe to drive a GM truck four wheel drive with no front axles in place?

No,NO,NO, The NUT that's on the front axel is what holds the WHEEL BEARING TOGETHER. IT has to be there.

What size is front axle nut for 2002 Chevy S10 ZR2 truck?

36 mm. Torque 103ft pounds.

How do you changed front wheel bearing on97 Chevy truck?

Need to know if it is 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

How do you torque when installing flywheel in a 1979 Chevy truck?

with a torque wrench

How can you tell if you have anti lock brakes on the front of 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck?

There will be a wire running to a sensor at the front wheel bearings on both sides. No wire to the bearing, no front abs.

Is a 1993 Chevrolet truck hub bearing compatible with a 2005 Silverado truck?


What is a bearing on a skateboard?

the bearing is the thing inside the wheel that makes it spin and fit on the truck

What are the torque specs for a spindle nut on a mack truck?

We'd need to know if you were referring to the outer or inner nut (or both), and also if your truck has the proprietary Mack axles or if it has the Dana Spicer axles. For the Dana Spicer axles, I can tell you you set the inner initially to 300 - 350 ft/lbs to seat the spindle, then you back it off, tighten it to 50 ft/lbs (then tighten it as needed to get the perforated ring aligned properly with the inner spindle nut), and the outer to 250 ft/lbs. Not sure about the Mack axles.

What are the torque specs for the rear bub bearings on a 2000 gmc c6500 straight truck?

This bearing is NOT preloaded by a torque spec.It has a end play specification to guaranty it has enough clearance to operate safely.You Need To Get A Proper Repair Manual With Photos And Procedures For this As you Have A Dangerous Idea On What To Do.

Is a truck driven from the front or diff?

A truck is normally driven from the front.

How do you repack front wheel bearings 94 Chevy pick up trk?

If the truck is a 4 wheel drive, you can't repack the front wheel bearings. It has a sealed hub/bearing assembly that is not serviceable.

What would cause a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado to make a grinding noise from front the front of the truck at low speeds if the brake pads are OK?

the noise could be coming from either a bad wheel bearing or something wrong in front axle.

What causes roaring in front of car - sounds like truck with mud tires?

Possible causes include a bad tire, a failed wheel bearing, a failed transmission bearing, etc.Possible causes include a bad tire, a failed wheel bearing, a failed transmission bearing, etc.

How much torque does a monster truck have?

too much.

What truck has more torque a dodge or ford?


What truck has the most torque and horsepower?

Chevy silveraldo

How do you change a hanger bearing ona 1994 Chevrolet truck?

The Hanger bearing has to be pressed off and then back on

Have f150 ford 1995 witch truck has same spindle?

The Expedition should, and that's about it.

What is the torque setting and torque pattern for an Isuzu FSR truck engine head?

torque on Isuzu engine head for 4hf1 is 95 lbs

What are the common problems with a Chevy s-10 truck?

Idler Arm on the front end. Starter goes if parked on a hill often. center bearing on the driveshaft