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Check here: -Kyle I run a small repair shop in my garage in Niagara falls Ontario, and I specialize in the repair and maintenance of Chevrolet Corsicas, but I also do repairs on all other types of vehicles too. If you would like any info or help you can e-mail me any time at:

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Q: What is the torque specs for the starter bolts on 1994 cheve corsica?
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How do i install a crank shaft for 1988 cheve astro mini van?

Get a manual. There are very important torque sequences and other specifications that you will need to know. Local library should have one.

How do you install back window in 97 Chevy truck?

Will a 95 cheve 1500 back windo fit a 97 cheve 1500 truck

Where does transmission fluid go in 1966 cheve truck?

automatic or manual ?

Cheve Malibu thermostat where is it?

the thermostat is located on the driver's side of the engine, underneath the air box intake and throttle body. Follow the hose that comes up from the radiator and you will see a metal tube that attaches with two bolts. This is the housing. The thermostat is inside that.

Evap sensor location on 2002 cheve Tahoe?

Top of the fuel tank

Where is the crankshaft sensor on 1994 cheve s10?

That year did not have one. It has a module in the distributor.

What v6 is in the Buick is it a cheve or is it really a Buick?

Need to know what year and engine size.

Cheve v8 points setting?

Set by dwell 28-32 degrees (approx. .017)

What is the firing order for Chevy Impala 2006?

What is the firing order for a 2006 cheve impala 3.9L?

How resistant is a 1991 cheve 2 bolt 350 engine to heat damage?

Never had a problem

What is a deer in French?

A deer in french is a cheve un cerf, un daim, un chevreuil

What is the towing capacity for a 1992 half ton Chevy S10 pickup truck?

how much can a cheve s10 1992 pull ?

What is a60000 mile maintenance fo 1999 cheve tracker?

a coolant flush, transmission flush, your driveline and a tire rotation

How much is a heater core for a 2000 s10 v6 cheve truck is?

A replacement heater core would cost aprox $35.

Where is the fuel pump reset button located on a 1996 Cheve Blazer S-10?

There isn't a fuel pump reset button on that vehicle.

What is the deepest cave in North America?

Cheve Cave in Mexico is the deepest cave in the Americas. It measures 4,869 feet deep. This cave is the eleventh deepest cave in the world.

How do you replace drive shaft 2000 Chevy Blazer?

I have a leak on my drive shaft left front 2000 cheve Blazer I would like to replace the whole unit

How many ball joints is needed on a 1995 cheve pickup k 1500 4x4?

You have 2 on each side. That makes 4. 2 uppers and 2 lowers

Where are the fuel filters on a 97 cheve s10?

The fuel filter is located under the truck, drivers side, inside the frame rail, aprox under the drivers seat area.

Where is fuel pump relay located 1995 g20 cheve van?

it is under the hood up tight under the windshield in the middle of the van buy one and compare. then you will find it.

How do you stop windshield leak on 1998 cheve z71?

cut the original glass out using guitar or piano string then re-glue it down with automotive glass glue (usually black)

Can you tow a 1997 Cheve Tahoe behind a motorhome?

You can but they say you should remove the drive shaft if you do. If you just put it in neutral there is a possibility that a bump could cause it to drop into gear and tear up the drivetrain.

When was the last cheve Chevelle made?

The last Model that Chevrolet called a Chevelle was 1977. From 1978 on they were all called Malibu. Malibu was a trim package for the Chevelle from 1964 to 1977, and was the most popular Chevelle model.

1998 Cheve Monte Carlo fuel tank pressure sensor?

The fuel tank pressure sensor is mounted in the top of the fuel tank. The sensor can be removed through an access panel above the fuel tank.

How do you change back shocks on a 1995 cheve caprice?

A person can change the back shocks on a 1995 Chevy Caprice by unmounting them from the upper lower mounts. The shocks can then be removed from the vehicle and new shocks put in their place.

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