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Make sure you didn't knock off the sending unit wire.

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Q: What is wrong if you disconnected the heater and looped the hose back now the thermostat indicator on your 1972 Cougar does not work?
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Why is the heater blowing cool air in a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Your thermostat is stuck open.

Your 2001 GMC Sonoma has no heat?

It is possible the thermostat has stuck in the open position therefor not letting the engine heat up. It could also be the heater core or possibly the hoses to the heater core are disconnected.

Where can one purchase a heater thermostat?

A heater thermostat controls the temperature of water in a heating system. A heater thermostat can be purchased from companies such as Hygiene Supplies Direct and Alibaba.

The heater on my 1983 Madza B2000 doesn't blow HOT air. Heater core bad and or disconnected?

Perhaps, but could also be: Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core airbound, plugged? Heater temperature control cable frozen? Water pump not circulating coolant?

What does a thermostat do and how does a thermostat work?

the thermostat used to control the heater and after we select the four pole switch to some number the thermostat start connect the power to the heater at the same time the heater start to heat and when we select the switch to zero position the heater not work

What causes heater to fail in 2002 cougar?

You prob have to replace the heater core

How do you know if your thermostat goes out?

heater not hot

How do you replace a thermostat on a cozy heater?


Heater and ac do not work?

Check the thermostat.

Does a water heater have a thermostat?

No, BUT they do have an AQUA stat

What would make a hot water heater all the sudden get really hot?

Someone turned up the thermostat, or the thermostat has failed. The thermostat tells the heater what temp to keep the water at.

Why no heat in cab of f350 diesel?

no heat can be caused by,blocked heater core insufficient coolant in engine blocked heater hoses from engine to heater core bad heater thermostat bad thermostat in engine bad heater control switch

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