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If it heated up on you, chances are that you warped the cylinder head and now have a blown gasket. You don't give very much information, here.

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Q: What is wrong if you have changed the thermostat and water pump on a 2001 Focus ZTS and it still leaks antifreeze?
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Why is oil getting in antifreeze of your 87 b2000 causing thermostat to stickand engine overheat?

Oil/antifreeze mix is usually caused by head gasket leaks or valve cover gasket leaks.

Your car a 95 Camry overheated you changed the temp switch and thermostat when you put antifreeze in it it was fine but then the next day the antifreeze tank was empty no visable leaks either?

If you didn't get it warm after the work and then refill the tank - the system was probably closed when you filled it. It's possible once the thermostat opened (or just as the coolant leaked past), the fill you gave was used as it filled the system past that point.

How do you diagnose overheating problems on a eclipse?

First thing you should check is the antifreeze level. If that is fine, replace the thermostat. If it still over heats after the thermostat, then most likely you need to replace the waterpump. If your antifreeze is low, check for leaks, the radiator, hoses, heater core, and water pump. If the water pump is leaking, that is your problem, replace that and thermostat all in one.

Your 2004 H2500 Chevy smells like antifreeze but their is no leaks?

smell of antifreeze and no visable leaks usually indicates that the heater core needs replacing

What might cause a 1993 Ford Taurus SHO to overheat when there are known leaks?

have you flushed your radiator or changed the thermostat it could be stuck

How do you fix a thermostat on 1997 Nissan pickup?

let some antifreeze out,remove two bolts holding thermostat cover on,its located on the end of top of radiator hose.remove thermostat ,remember how it goes back in,scrap old gasket off and wipe down,then apply a coat of silicone on thermostat cover and intake and set your gasket on and place your new thermostat on after checking in 180 degree water to see if it opens and closes.put cover on and screw two bolts back on and add antifreeze,crank and check for leaks.

Your 1997 Ford Escort wagon leaks antifreeze but cannot be found?


Can the thermostat on my 1995 cutlass supreme be the reason my car is overheating without any engine or radiator leaks?

A thermostat that is stuck in the closed position is a very common cause of overheating. A new thermostat should be installed every time the coolant is changed.

How do you replace thermostat in a 96 Nissan pickup?

drain some of your antifreeze and disconnect your top radiator hose from cover,then remove 2 bolts holding cover on,remove thermostat and clean gasket off both surfaces,check new thermostat to see if it opens at 180 degrees,then apply sealent to both surfaces and install gasket and thermostat and 2 bolts and tighten and put hose back on and tighten clamp and add antifreeze,then crank and check for leaks.

Why does your 1990 blazer keep overheating you replaced the radiator thermostat and water pump and you have no leaks except from over flow when its hot and no antifreeze in the oil?

Bad head gasket or... Crack in exhaust port in head. Check exhaust for presence of antifreeze smell or exhaust gas in radiator.

1992 grand prix looses coolant Changed radiator water pump and thermostat What else could it be?

3.1 engine leaks at the intake gasket

Is antifreeze the same colour when it leaks out of radiator?

Same color as what?

What is making your ford ranger heat no leaks changed thermostat cleaned coolant system only heats while idling giving it gas cools it down?

sounds like a bad thermostat even though it is replaced

Why is your truck still over heating after the water pump and thermostat have been changed?

Cooling fan could be faulty or radiator could be clogged or have slight leaks in it .

Antifreeze leaks out when you pour into radiator?

Find where it is running out and repair the cause.

If you replace the thermostat in an Oldsmobile EightyEight and the engine leaks what could that be?

The piston or spring on the thermostat could be stuck.

If the water pump and thermostat have been changed and there are also no leaks in the hoses or radiator and your vehicle still overheats what is the problem?

check the heater core stopped up radiator

Can a intake manifold gasket cause antifreeze to leake?

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

1999 mercury cougar overheating new thermostat.. not leaking antifreeze only leaks through the overflow when car stops but doesnt over heat... antifreeze resvuior always seems to be under pressure?

perform a compression test to check for leaking head gasket- you may have caught this before any major damage occurs,

What causes a 2000 Nissan Quest to over heat?

Causes of over heating: insufficient coolant; antifreeze/water mixture not correct; thermostat stuck in closed position; faulty water pump; clogged/dirty radiator; leaks in the system.

Antifreeze leaks along the valve covers?

Could be the intake manifold gaskets are leaking.

What is the cause of overheating if there are no leaks in the radiator no leaks in the hoses but the coolant spews up from the tank where the coolant is poured into?

Probably the thermostat is sticking.

Your 1985 thunderbird over heats flushed system and put new thermostat in?

Hi there, if you have flushed any engine and have changed thermostate there are only two options that are left; (providing that there are no leaks) 1. the thermostat is faulty / 2. your water pump is broken and needs to be replaced

What could be the source of antifreeze leak under a 97 Dodge Caravan beneath the engine on the passenger side--the thermostat water pump and the lower radiator hose have been replaced still leaks?

Could be timing cover gasket or head gasket.

Your 2004 sunfires heater wont get hotreplaced the thermostat 2 times also loses coolant every 3 days but only in winter can idle it for an hour and no leaks?

probably a leak at the heater radiator can you smell antifreeze in the car ? if so have it checked