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what are you driving? email me direct if you wish

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Q: What is wrong when you can only smell gas fumes when the car heater is on?
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Why would you smell exhaust fumes in a car only when the heater is on?

If the car heat has a fresh air setting, then it could be drawing air from outside of the vehicle. The fumes are most likely coming from a problem under the hood.

Why would you smell gas in a 1995 Chevy Cavalier only when the heater is on?

Possible leak in gas line. Must be some sort of air leak in the heater box under the hood. Heater is pulling fumes into car through the leak in it.

Is it dangerous too smell coolant in your car?

Breathing fumes from antifreeze cannot be good for your health as antifreeze is poisonous. If you are smelling fumes in your car you probably have a heater core leak. I recommedn you have this repaired ASAP. The only fix for a leaking heater core is to replace it. A very labour intensive job that is quite expensive.

Whats wrong with my 2000 suburban blower motor switch only works on high and getting burning smell when when heater is on?

you have a bare wire touching on your blower motor

Why would you only smell gas fumes in the car when it is idling?

exhaust leak or a possible fuel line leak

What is wrong if you replace the heater switch but the heater continues to only blow on the 3rd click and nothing else?

The relay is bad.

How do you get the smell of kerosene out of your clothes?

The ONLY way to get the smell of fuel - kerosene, diesel, gasoline - out of your clothes is to put them in the sun and let the fumes evaporate. Every other remedy is a waste of time.

Why does the ac smell like antifreeze in your 97 hombre?

Only reason would be that the heater core is leaking.

Coolant smell in the cab of a Toyota Tacoma?

More than likely your heater core is leaking. The only fix is to replace it.

Can you vent a sewer drain under a porch?

Only if you want to smell the fumes all the time. Code says it should be through the roof or above the edge of the roof.

What is wrong with your heater on your 2001 mercury grand marquis if it only blows cold air?

You are likely in an antarctic region.

What if your heater in 2003 cavalier is blowing out of front only what is wrong with it?

the control cable probably came off the connector

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