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Basics: Homestead $100,000 for married couple, $50,000 single or $2,500 cash exempted if homestead exemption is not used. Family Bible, pictures, books, max. $5,000. Pets (honest) $450 Personal items, (clothing, appliances, furnishings, etc.) $5,000. Wedding rings, watch, max. $5,000. Vehicle exemption, $2,500. Tools of Trade, $5,000. Bear in mind that creditors are interested in assets that are easily seized or liquidated, wage garnishment, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. Nor do they want Fluffy the cat, or Woofer the dog. The pet exemption for the most part pertains to pet stores, pure bred dog, cat, horse breeders, etc. Creditors are not interested in attaching a refrigerator, sofa, and so forth unless it is collateral for the debt (example: big screen TV purchased on a merchant account). NY is a Tenancy By The Entirety state, therefore joint marital property may not be subject to seizure when only one spouse is the debtor and the property is held as TBE.

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Q: What items are exempt from a judgment in New York?
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