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What items are exempt from a judgment in New York?

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Basics: Homestead $100,000 for married couple, $50,000 single or $2,500 cash exempted if homestead exemption is not used. Family Bible, pictures, books, max. $5,000. Pets (honest) $450 Personal items, (clothing, appliances, furnishings, etc.) $5,000. Wedding rings, watch, max. $5,000. Vehicle exemption, $2,500. Tools of Trade, $5,000. Bear in mind that creditors are interested in assets that are easily seized or liquidated, wage garnishment, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. Nor do they want Fluffy the cat, or Woofer the dog. The pet exemption for the most part pertains to pet stores, pure bred dog, cat, horse breeders, etc. Creditors are not interested in attaching a refrigerator, sofa, and so forth unless it is collateral for the debt (example: big screen TV purchased on a merchant account). NY is a Tenancy By The Entirety state, therefore joint marital property may not be subject to seizure when only one spouse is the debtor and the property is held as TBE.

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You need to file a new lawsuit in New York, and simultaneously move for summary judgment.

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How long does a restraining notice last for in New York?

It expires after one year. It can be renewed every year until the judgment expires. In New York, a judgment can be renewed twice (a total of 20 years).

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In New York City can a Debt Collection Company garnish your wages?

Yes, after a creditor is awarded a judgment said judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment against the judgment debtor.

How do you garnish wages in New York?

File suit against the debtor in the appropriate state court in the county where the debtor resides. If the plaintiff wins a judgment they can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment against the debtor. New York allows a maximum of 25% garnishment of disposable income by a judgment creditor.

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The usual time limit is ten years at a maximum of 8% interest. N.Y. does not allow most judgments to be renewed. A judgment in New York is valid for twenty years. During that time it can enforced against a judgment debtor's income and assets. A lien of a judgment resulting from the docketing of a judgment with the County Clerk is good for ten years, and can be renewed for another ten years.

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Yes, with the execution of a valid court judgment.

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