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What kind of exercise can you do for thicker legs?

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Squats build up your glutes and quads very nicely. Climbing stairs is good and is also good for the heart/lungs.

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What happens to the veins after you exercise?

it eventually gets thicker

Does exercise make muscles thicker and stronger?


How do you get thicker legs without losing weight?

Do lunges and squates.

What do you eat to get thicker thighs?

You can eat a bunch of carbohydrates, fats and sugars to get thicker thighs. Also, do not exercise as this will slim your thighs.

Can you jog to get thicker legs?

yes, keep it under 5km with pace.

Why do larger animals have thicker legs relative to their body size?

Larger animals have thicker legs relative to their body size because the ability of bone to support weight is not directly proportional to body mass.

How do you get rid of fat legs?

by exercise

How is muscle tissue effected by exercise?

It's fibers get thicker and stronger

Can a lack of exercise cause bones to grow thicker?

Exercise can help improve bone health by increasing bone density. Some exercise can actually decrease bone density. Bones can grow thicker from exercise such as weight lifting. All exercise should be determined what is safe for the person by their doctor because of some risk involved.

Why exercise is good for legs?

it helps makes our legs stronger and used to this excersise :)

How can a female get thicker?

what do you mean by getting thicker? you mean putting on weight,if it is , yes one can , provide they take proper diet, and regular exercise.

Descbe the short term effects of exercise on the skelton?

Become stronger and thicker

How do you make your legs skinny?

all you have to do is exercise

What is it called when your legs get chunky?


What is the exercise for muscle in the legs?

walkin an tha.

What is the purpose of crunches exercise?

to work your legs

How can you get skinny legs?

Exercise your legs by running more and exercising your feet are the best ways.

Can a obese diabetic regain strength of her Weak thin legs by exercise-?

An obese diabetic can absolutely regain strength of her weak and thin legs by exercise. Low impact exercise can help an obese diabetic not only gain strength in her legs, but help get control of her diabetes.

How can you make a boys leg hair grow thicker and faster?

Cut your legs off.

How do you make your thighs thicker?

in one sentence............. use an exercise bike!d.j. giggler

How do you grow hair thicker?

Eat well, get regular exercise, and take care of your hair.

How can you make your legs look wider or fatter if you have chicken legs?

TO make your legs thicker try to build up muscle in your legs running, biking etc. buiding muscle in your legs is better than trying to build up fat

What are the benefits of lunges?

the lunge is a great exercise for the legs.

What exercise do I do for my front back inner and outer legs?

Exercise of any kind benefits leg strength. If you have issues with your knees, biking or swimming is better than walking or running. You can also use yoga or pilates exercises.

What kind of exercise are best for women health?

What kind of exercise are best for women health

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