What kind of exercises should a woman do to stay in shape while pregnant?

You DEFINITELY have to ask your OBGYN BEFORE starting anything. Your health and that of your baby is at stake!

Good ideas to present to your doctor are walking throughout your whole pregnancy. You may swim early on but not once your cervix starts to dilate(this can happen a month or so before you are due). You can do some floor exercises and light aerobics IF IT IS OK WITH THE DOC! My friend almost lost her baby doing a few steps of the Bunny Hop when she was 2 months along! Remember that you are not actually eating for 2, and keep your calorie intake just a bit higher than it was, with additional fruit and protein and WATER. Good luck!


GET IN THE POOL!!! I have worked with pregnant women in the pool for years. It releases the stresses that exercises put on your knees when you are pregnant and it is a whole lot easier for a pregnant woman to exercise in the pool because the weight it lifted off. Swimming tones every muscle in your body at the same time. if you do not know how to freestyle then join an exercise group at your local ymca that exercises in the pool. VERY HEALTHY FOR YOU!


Please avoid twisting, and jumping while pregnant. Keep your level of exeration moderate with the 'talk test' be able to have a conversation during your workout. This is a great way to keep your heart rate safe.

Doctors approval for exercise during pregnancy is necessary because they can make an educated decision about the individual.

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