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What liquid makes plants grow faster?


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Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.


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Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

The liquid that can help plants grow is liquid fertilizer. It is just like regular fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen, but in liquid form.

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Plants need photosynthesis to grow the sun makes that possible.

Compost tea is a liquid made with the liquid discharge of composed plants. It is great for the garden.

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

All plants need water and most will grow faster with it. There are some plants that do well with the acidity of vinegar yet too much will kill the plant. Trust in Water.

The type of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil lack the capability of supporting proper growth of plants.

The kind of soil that makes plants grow faster is known as loam soil. Sandy and clay soil do not promote proper development and growth of plants as they lack essential nutrients for the growth of plants.

yess it does. Blue light helps plants grow faster. Im sorry but i dont know why though. Red light makes plants grow slightely faster and green light makes them a tiny bit faster.

it makes it grow faster, stronger, and healthy.

hi i am awesome! okay i have heard it makes plants grow faster!

The best music for plants to grow faster is metal music , they proved it in Myth Busters.

mostly small.But plants grow faster in sunlight.

actually it does grow faster but it also makes the plants unhealthy.

outside plants grow faster due to the presence of sufficient light

Plants grow faster in the sun. They cannot live without it.

"It will actually kill them." Maybe not... check this book out: Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

Water makes plant grow faster then vinegar

because plants love nitrogen! it makes them grow faster.

the juice will make the plants grow faster because the juice has more products

I think manure helps plants grow faster due to nutrients and nitrates.

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