Vietnam War
Martin Luther King, Jr.
John F. Kennedy

What major events in world history occured in 1968?

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The Chicago Riots of 1968 Assassination of Martin Luther King Assassination of Robert Kennedy The TET offensive The Battle of Khe Sanh

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What major events in world history occured in 1969?

We made it to the moon....if that counts.

What were major world events that occured during the 1930s?

Nothing much. There was a bit of a scrap in Germany.

What major events in history were happening while Douglas MacArthur was alive?

World War II

What are some of the major world events?

World War I, World War II, and the moon landing are major world events.

What World Events Occurred During George Washington's Presidency?

George washingtons events/acts that occured during this presidency

Why is Christianity important in history?

Christianity is one of the major religions of the world. It is also one of the most important in history as many events like the crusades were the results of it.

Major world events in world history?

* Hitler, and World War 2 * Slavery * The Stone Age * When the Great Wall of China was built * Even this sentence I am typing is a part of history * Titanic Good Luck

What major world events have been caused by religion?

There have been many major world events that have been caused by religion such as World War II.

Major events in the world?


What major events happened from 1928-1949?

At least three major events shaped history between 1929 and 1949. The first was the Great Depression. The second was the Second World War. The third was the Communist takeover of China.

What major world events were going on during Peter Pan?

What major events happen in Peter pan

What important events occured in Andy Warhol's life?

Many important events happened in Andy Warhol's life from the World Wars to the assassinations of important people.

What are three world events that occured in Carl Gauss lifetime?

Karl Gauss, 1777-1855, events: French Revolution, American revolution, War of 1812

What is World War III?

it is a world conflict that has not occured yet so there is no history though there might be world war 3 in the distant future

What are some major events in United States history?

war of independencecivil waremancipation of slavesentering world war II

What were the major world events of 2004?

not much

Three historic world events that happened during amalie Emmy noether's life?

what are three historic events that occured during emmy amalie noether's life

Do all events become part of history?

Only events of significant importance to the world.

Major events in 2003?

the world ended in an explosion

What are 3 historical world events that occured in Euclid's lifetime?

i really dont know so im gone bye duces

What was one of the biggest events in world history that made the world what it is today?

World War I and II, and the atomic bomb were the big events of the twentieth century. The two events that may have affected the course of the history of the world were the bubonic plague and European colonization of everywhere outside of Europe.

What major events occurred in world history from 1500 to 2009?

This question is far too vast to be answered. We would be here for ever and a day just answering it.

What were top 5 world history events in 1997 to present time 2008?

Question what were some vauluble world events in 1997 what were some important world events that happened in 1997

What are three major events in the history of Brazil?

One major event in the history of Brazil occurred in 1945 when the country became a member of the United Nations. Another major event occurred in 1962 when Brazil won the World Cup. A third major event happened in 2011 when the country elected its first female president.

Major world events?

Through out the several thousands of years of man there have been many major world events. You need to give an time, year, era, civilization or something we can answer.

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