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Various possibilities, may be a loose caliper or pad. Maybe in the suspension. Ball joints, Radius arm bushings, control arm bushings Mine is doing the same thing. If it is a manual shift, try putting the e-brake on, put it in reverse, and ease the clutch out. If you hear the popping it is probably a control arm, wheel bearing, or cv axle.

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Q: What might cause a popping sound from the right front of your car?
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What would cause front right popping and clicking feeling in your tire when you start and stop on a 1992 Chevy beretta?

front struts berings

When you brake or release the brake there is a popping sound coming from the right front tire what would cause this?

It's probably a worn suspension part.

What would cause a popping sound at low speeds that stops when you touch the break after replacing a cracked front right rotor?

Check the bearing and wheel lugs.

Why is there a popping noise on right front after front end alignment on a 2002 mercury cougar?

There is something serious wrong, take it back!

What could cause your 1987 Nissan Sentra to pull to the right and make a popping sound when you make right turns?

cv joint

A blowout in the right front tire will cause the vehicle to?

Pull to the right.

What would cause a 1999 Chrysler Sebring LXI front driver side to make a loud growling noise not a popping noise when turning left around a curve but be completely quiet when turning to the right?

Could be a wheel bearing

Slang derm for heroin enjected right under skin?

"Skin-popping," or sometimes simply "popping."

What would cause the back and front of your right to shoulder eache?

An arrow.

Mechanic replaced the front wheel bearings on 1995 fwd Isuzu rodeo now when the front wheel drive is engaged there is an intermediate popping sound coming from the right front wheel sounds like a gear?

could be a tie rod

What could a loud popping noise be in the front end of a 1993 Toyota 4-wheel drive when you turn sharp?

That loud popping noise is most likely a sign that your CV axles are worn out. If you turn to the right and you hear the noise most likely it is the right side. and visa versa for if you turn left.

What is the most likely cause for the left front of the vehicle is higher than the right front and the right rear is lower than the left rear?

sagging right rear spring

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