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Having a CRACKED head will make WHITE smoke IF U didn't have the head MAGNA-FLUXED. White smoke is steam. if it doesnt quit after awhile Id say that there is a leak in the head gasket between one of the coolent passages and a cylinder. this will let water into the cylinder which is turned into steam during combustion then exausted out the tail pipe. just to clear up something: Magnafluxing will not prevent cracks, it is a process used to detect them. This should be done by a machine shop. the new gasket is obviously faulty, or the head is cracked. I would guess that its the gasket. The head may not have been torqued properly. Follow a Chiltons or similar repair manual very closely when installing a head. If this is immediately after getting it fixed, you have to give it some time to work all that coolant out of the exhaust system. If it still is blowing steam after a few miles, then probably you have another blown headgasket or a cracked head that should have been addressed on the first head gasket replacement. Some shops have been known to not verify that the head isn't warped or cracked, and if it is, the new head gasket will blow immediately. If you had it at a shop the first time, take it back to them and have them fix it right this time - remember, though, not all mechanics are created equal and if they don't make things right you should take this to a better shop. A good shop will be embarassed by such a rookie mistake and take care of you. It is also possible that the head is warped (repair by machining) or that the intake gasket is or was also leaking or warped. Warpage typically only occurs if serious overheating occurred or sometimes if the wrong torque sequence was used during installation.

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Q: What might cause white smoke from the exhaust after having a head gasket repair done?
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Can a bad exhaust gasket cause leak in exhaust?


Will a blown exhaust manifold gasket cause noise?


Will a bad valve cover gasket cause smoke from exhaust?

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

Can a leaking intake gasket cause coolant to flow into the exhaust system?


What can cause oil leaking from behind your exhaust manifold?

Valve cover gasket

What causes a Leak at connection to exhaust system?

Most connections / joints between parts have a gasket to prevent leaks. So a failed gasket is a typical cause of leaks, including where the exhaust pipes connects to the exhaust manifold.

What is the cause of smoking out the exhaust of a 2005 ford f650?

Regulate the carburetor and replace its gasket.

Can a bad head gasket cause white smoke to come out of the exhaust?

almost certainly yes,white smoke from exhaust indicates water mixing with oil,check head gasket or cracked head.

Can a turbo cause excessive steam to pass out of the exhaust?

For steam to come out the exhaust you probably have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. If the turbo had an oil seal fail it would cause blue smoke to come out the exhaust.

What would cause a Chevy blazer to leak antifreeze out of exhaust?

Head gasket or cracked head. Mo

What happens if you have a faulty head gasket?

A faulty head gasket will cause power loss, coolant to mix with oil, and is a costly repair. Excessive heat is the primary cause for their failure.

Can you use an head gasket sealant to fix a blown head gasket?

NO! These type products are only an emergency repair. The only permanent repair is to remove and replace the blown gasket. Besides these type products can cause clogging of the cooling system. Do not use them.

What could cause water from exhaust?

There is a strong possibility that you have either a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head.

Does Heet gas additive in gas tank cause white exhaust?

No, white exhaust smoke is a symptom of coolant entering the combustion chamber. You my have a blown head gasket.

What would cause Dense white smoke from exhaust and engine overheating?

bad head gasket , warped or cracked head

What can cause blue exhaust?

Blue smoke can be caused by a blown head gasket. . Blue is oil being burned in the engine.

What would cause a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo to have white smoke come from the tailpipe?

White smoke out of exhaust is usually indicitive of water or coolant in the combustion chanber/ chambers of the exhaust. Usually caused by a blown head gasket. A costly repair. clean pipes to and from intercooler and clean intercooler .and clean crankcase breather.

How much does it cost to repair the head gasket on a dodge spirit?

In most cases it will cost in excess of Eight-Hundred dollars. It is an important repair to make, because if you keep driving with a bad head-gasket, you can cause SERIOUS damage.

Could bad exhaust seals be causing the white smoke in my exhaust?

== NO, defective exhaust manifold gasket will not cause this.White exhaust smoke is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. You more than likely as not, have a blown head gasket or cracked head. Stop driving this vehicle until you find out. Look for coolant in the oil, air bubbles escaping from the radiator, and a sweet smell at the exhaust. All indications of serious problems. A compression test will verify if you indeed have a blown head gasket. ==

What would cause exhaust popping van not pulling itself spitting and cutting out in a windstar van 3.0L?

Maybe a head gasket?

Will an exhaust leak at the rear exhaust port of a 460 ford engine burn a valve or cause other harm to the engine?

Yes, a prolonged exhaust leak will eventually cause problems with your cylinder head. The leaking exhaust is very hot and you can cause small cracks in the head if you don't repair the problem promptly. If you can hear the exhaust leaking, it may already be too late! Get it checked out soon!

Will a bad timing gasket on a 1996 Camaro cause a coolant leak?

It must. I am having my '94 Camaro's timing gasket changed for just that reason.

What might be the cause of white smoke coming from the exhaust of a Ford Expedition?

It could be as simple as bad plugs... Or as hard and costly like a head gasket. Put your hand over the exhaust. And check if it smells like antifreeze. If so it could be a bad head gasket. check your oil and see if it is mixing. If so angain it could be a head gasket.

What would cause smoke resembling burning oil to be emitted from the exhaust manifold breather port on a Chevrolet 305?

Valve cover gasket.

What would cause exhaust to come from valve covers?

warped valve cover. bad gasket. cracked valve cover cracked block