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In 1967 Pontiac bored out the 389 block introducing the 400 CID Engine with an improved cylinder head that could not be swapped to an earlier block. A 389 swap into a '70s car will go but the V8 motor mounts for the car have to be used so remember the motor mounts need to match the year and model of the car. As for mounts assuming your up grading the straight 6 to the V8 should be able to buy a set of mounts at any will known auto parts store. The engine has two mounts one for each side and the transmission has one on the bottom. If you are swapping out a straight 6 for 389 V8 you need new front springs and expect the differential not to last to long.

Watch out what year your 389 was Mfg. they were produced between '59--'66 anything before '64 will not swap straight across because of the bolt pattern for both the bell housing and the torque converter unless you have the transmission that goes with the 389. Toque convert will swap between 58-60, 61-62, 63, 64-'76 Transmission will swap between 58-60, 61-64 (P/8), 64-76 (T/GP/8) (T) Refers to Tempest family cars, including Firebird and Grand Prix (P) Refers to all other Pontiacs including Catalina FYIThe Turbo 400 transmission, (Hydra-Matic TH400) was introduced in 1964 and all Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac Turbo 400's share the same bell housing pattern, commonly referred to as the "BOPC" pattern but the years mentioned above apply for a clean swap to the Pontiac.

2008-04-18 04:04:11
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Q: What motor mounts are required to install a 389 engine and turbo 400 in a 1970 Pontiac Catalina convertible?
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