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What must you study in high school to get into Harvard medical school I mean like physics or chemistry?

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go 2 if u cant open the page the info is below

Required Course

  • 1. Biology: one year with laboratory experience. Courses taken should deal with the cellular and molecular aspects as well as the structure and function of living organisms. Advanced placement credits cannot be used to satisfy this requirement; upper level courses should be taken if granted advanced placement credits.
  • 2. Chemistry: two years with laboratory experience. Full year courses in general (or inorganic) and organic chemistry generally meet this requirement. A one semester course in organic chemistry which covers the relevant material supplemented by a semester course in biochemistry may substitute for the traditional year of organic chemistry. We will consider other options that adequately prepare students for the study of biochemistry and molecular biology in medical school. Advanced placement credits which enable a student to take an upper level course may be used to meet one semester of this requirement.
  • 3. Physics: one year. Advanced placement credits which enable a student to take an upper level course may be used to meet one semester of this requirement.
  • 4. Mathematics: one year of calculus. Advanced placement credits may satisfy this requirement (Calculus AB - 1 semester, Calculus BC - 2 semesters). A course in statistics does not meet this requirement.
  • 5. Expository Writing: one year. Writing skills are important for the study and practice of medicine. This requirement may be met with any non-science courses that involve substantial experience in expository writing. Advanced placement credits cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • 6. Additional requirements for the HST Program:Requirements are the same as above except that calculus including differential equations and one year of calculus-based physics in college are required. A course in biochemistry is strongly encouraged before matriculation.

We will consider other course formats or combinations that are sponsored by the undergraduate institution attended and provide equivalent preparation. When advanced placement credits used to satisfy portions of the chemistry, physics, or mathematics requirements noted above, scores from the AP examination must be submitted prior to matriculation. If these credits are not shown on the college transcript, either the scores from the placement examination or a letter from the chairperson of the respective department certifying that the student has met the requirement in question must be submitted. If there is doubt about the suitability of advanced placement credits, you should contact the Faculty Associate Dean for Admissions for approval before final admissions decisions are made in February.

Recommended Courses

We encourage candidates to complete at least 16 hours in literature, languages, the arts, humanities, and the Social Sciences and become familiar with computers. We also recommend honors courses and independent study or research, as they offer in-depth exploration of an area of knowledge.

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How do you get into Harvard medical school after high school graduation?

To get into Harvard University, you have to have an average of 90 percent. Thats all! Oh...and you have to have physics, chemistry, calculus and biology as your main subjects becasue you are going to end up to be a doctor! Hopefully...Good Luck, if youre trying out!

What you study to become cardiologist?

Well, in high school, you could study: chemistry, biology, calculus, and physics. In college/university: chemistry, biology, calculus, physics, anatomy, and physiology. In medical school: 4 years of basic medical education.

When was Harvard Medical School created?

Harvard Medical School was created in 1782.

What courses do you need to take in high school to get into Harvard?

take algabra,geometry,biology,physics,chemistry,College preparatory and Trigonmetry.

Is Harvard a good medical school?

Of course!Harvard is an amazing school.I think that Harvard Medical is a good school for all of us.

Does Harvard teach medicine?

Harvard University does have a medical school.

What classes do you have to take to be a pediatrician?

IF you are referring to the pre-requisites for entry to a medical school then they are typically Biology, Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and English.

Is there a Harvard Medical School?

yes , it is.Harvard Medical school is in Boston . Mass

What is the procedure to get admitted in harvard medical school you are from bangladesh?

The procedure to get admitted in harvard medical school if you are from bangladesh is to have the admission letter to the school and all credentials upfront.

What is the location address of harvard medical school?

The location address for Harvard Medical School is 25 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115.

Activities at Harvard medical school?

there are no activities

What was the first American medical school?


What has the author Thomas F Harrington written?

Thomas F. Harrington has written: 'The Harvard medical school' -- subject(s): Harvard Medical School, Medical Schools, History

Should medical school be capitalized in a sentence?

No, not unless it is part of the full name of an institution as in Harvard Medical School. If I mention that I am looking for a good medical school to apply to, capitals are not in order. But when I get my acceptance letter from Harvard Medical School, stand back!

What can you take in place of physics in high school?


Where is good medical universities?

Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts USA.

Can Indians study in Harvard Medical School?

study hard and go to a good medical school

Where could I find a good health school?

I would go to Harvard Medical School or Penn Medical school.

Do you have to get straight A's to get into Harvard medical school?


What is the best medical school for a future heart surgeon?

Harvard Medical school is probably the best bet.

Is it true that if you are good at math you will fail chemistry physics and engineering?

Just the opposite: being good at Math is the best sign that you will probably do well at Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. (This answer is from someone who majored in Engineering, then switched to Physics, and taught Chemistry and Physics in High School.)

Harvard University what city is it in?

The main campus is centered on Harvard Yard in central Cambridge and extends into the surrounding Harvard Square neighborhood. The Harvard Business School and many of the university's athletics facilities, including Harvard Stadium, are located in the city of Boston's Allston neighborhood, which is situatated on the other side of the Charles River from Harvard Square. The Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the Harvard School of Public Health are located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area of Boston.

Do you need to take physics and chemistry in high school for architecture?

Chemistry is mainly for engineering courses & an architecture course would mainly need physics.

What is the email address of harvard medical school?

The contact email address for Boston's Harvard Medical School is Their admissions email address is

What classes will you need to take in college before attending medical school?

You should enroll in pre-med.The classes you must take are Physics, Biology and Chemistry.